Man Threatens Police With Concrete Block During Minneapolis Rioting, Video Captures the Response

Sunday afternoon a man was shot and killed by police in Minneapolis, MN. That is essentially the breadth of the facts we currently know about the situation in regards to whether it was justified or not. It appears the police were serving an outstanding arrest warrant, but we don’t know what for. We know Daunte Wright, the man killed, attempted to flee the scene in a car. Did he drive toward police, something that would prompt an officer to discharge his weapon? In short, we just don’t know if this was a justified shooting, a mistake, or something that would warrant charges.


Regardless, that hasn’t stopped Black Lives Matter from organizing protests that have already deteriorated into rioting and looting. As RedState reported this morning, the destruction began last night and continued throughout the night.

More video is now coming out containing some of the violence. One man attempted to raise and throw a large chunk of concrete at the police after he had already used to it beat in the hood of an officer’s vehicle. That was a decision he immediately regretted as he was shot with a non-lethal impact round.

None of this is necessary. It is perfectly possible for reasonable people to wait for all the facts and allow the legal system to work. Looting and destroying a Foot Locker or bashing in a taxpayer-funded police vehicle isn’t going to bring anyone back. It’s certainly not any form of “justice.”

These riots are completely through the looking glass, and there is no logic behind them whatsoever. George Floyd’s death happened almost a year ago. Not a single piece of evidence showing racial animus played a role has been presented at any point. A warrant was being served on Wright. Again, there is no evidence whatsoever that racial animus, conscious or subconscious, played any role. These events are also extremely few and far between when you look at the hard numbers.


So what are these people even rioting for? Even if you were to assume both deaths were unjustified, the narratives being pushed by BLM are simply false. Yet, death and destruction follow anyway, and it’s black neighborhoods that pay the price.


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