Warrant for Daunte Wright Released, Here's Why He Was Being Arrested

The details of the warrant that was being served on Daunte Wright when he was allegedly accidentally shot have been revealed.

Body-cam footage showed a female officer yelling “taser, taser, taser” before discharging firing one round at the fleeing suspect. She immediately indicated it was a mistake, lending credence to the claim that the shooting was unintentional. Prosecutors have not yet released any information on whether she will be criminally charged for some kind of negligence and/or involuntary manslaughter.


But while the proper repercussions for what transpired will be argued, we now know exactly why police were attempting to arrest Wright. He was not pulled over for an air freshener as the family claimed, but rather, the registration of the vehicle was expired. Upon learning who the driver was, police were made aware that an outstanding warrant existed for Wright’s arrest.

Byron York shares why that warrant existed.

Wright was accused of aggravated robbery stemming from a 2019 incident in which he allegedly choked a woman and held her at gunpoint in an attempt to steal $820 dollars. After being released on bail, a warrant was issued and his bail revoked because Wright was in possession of an illegal gun.

As to my thoughts on this, I’m probably going to make everyone on both sides mad, but it is what it is. I think those who are saying this warrant isn’t relevant are being disingenuous. It is absolutely relevant to know what state of mind the police were in while trying to execute this stop. They were dealing with someone who was wanted for a violent crime, including a history of using guns in an illegal, threatening fashion. The idea that they had no business serving the warrant or that they should have just “let him go” doesn’t pass muster here. The police were justified in attempting to arrest Wright, and he was wrong for attempting to flee the scene.


Regardless, an officer still doesn’t get to accidentally discharge their firearm and kill someone without consequence. Those consequences may include criminal charges, and yes, those being arrested have rights that can be violated even during the course of resisting arrest.

My personal opinion is that people are looking to get way too deep into their corners over this shooting. Knowing what we know now, this should have been a local news story about a tragic accident. It should not have devolved into ongoing riots, proclamations about racism, or black city managers getting fired simply for saying due process exists.

In other words, I think the idea that the police were solely in the wrong here is false. I also think the idea that the officer who discharged her weapon negligently is blameless is also false. The system should be left to work now and the national media should stop stoking the flames.


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