Now Suddenly, Biden Isn't Going Back on Vacation in Delaware

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Remember last weekend, when the mainstream press dutifully reported that Joe Biden was heading to Camp David, on vacation, that he was expected to stay there until at least Wednesday? Boy, does that seem like a lifetime ago now.


Of course, he didn’t stay in Maryland at the presidential retreat. As we reported, he was roused from his nap on Monday to begin pointing fingers over the debacle that is his administration’s ill-planned decision to pull out of Afghanistan.

But Biden didn’t stay in the White House long — not even 24 hours. As Nick Arama wrote:

He came back from Camp David on Monday, gave an angry speech about Afghanistan, then took no questions, turned on his heel, and headed back to Camp David.

Then Biden emerged again to give an exclusive interview with ABC News’ friendliest possible “journalist” — the former Bill Clinton aide, George Stephanopoulos — and even that turned into nonsensical ball of nothing. No word if, in this instance, he saw his own shadow.

Then there was the speech to the American people, which was quickly shown to be a string of lies by everyone, including the State Department and the legacy media that’s expected to drool over the administration’s every utterance.

So, on Friday, there were conflicting stories on whether Joe Biden would be going back to his Wilmington, Delaware, home or remaining in Washington. In a story published around 5 p.m. Eastern time, we reported that he would be.

Indeed, on Saturday morning, the White House official schedule for the day that was released Friday still showed Biden set to depart for Delaware around noon.


But then, reports began to filter out on social media that the vacation to Wilmington was suddenly off:

Just minutes later, the White House confirmed the change in plans:

More details came out on how press found out, with a telling image of White House pool reporters standing in bewilderment on the tarmac where they expected to find the President of the United States’ aircraft:

Note: there’s still no explanation given by the White House on exactly what is happening with the most powerful man in the world. And that’s not okay.


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