Leaked Memo Shows Joe Biden Lied in Afghanistan Presser About Agreement With G7 Countries

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool

Joe Biden lied and people died. That’s going to become a theme as we continue to find out just how many falsehoods were told by the president regarding Afghanistan.


RedState covered two of them earlier, including the lie that “no intelligence exists” showing that stranded Americans aren’t being allowed to transit to the Kabul airport safely. It took less than an hour for Biden’s own Secretary of Defense to contradict that statement, never mind the on-the-ground reporting also showing it to be false.

But the untruths didn’t stop there. Now, a bombshell memo has leaked showing that Biden lied during his presser about a supposed agreement with the G7 countries regarding Afghanistan. While the president claimed that the G7 countries, including the United Kingdom, were aware of our complete withdrawal and agreed with it, the reality is that Biden had promised them a continuing security force to maintain control of Kabul.


This is not a falsehood that can be blamed on Biden simply being out of the loop or on the fact that he’s obviously senile. Rather, this was a deliberate attempt by the president to cover his backside, ludicrously claiming that our allies were happy with how things were going and that they knew our plans. We already knew that wasn’t true because the UK military and the UK parliament have lit into Biden for his lack of communication and abandonment of his duties. This memo, though, is perhaps the most stunning revelation yet, and it puts a capstone on top of the mountain of lies Biden has built here. He has painted himself into a corner and no amount of clean-up by Jen Psaki or John Kirby is going to make it all go away. Even the normally compliant press have lost patience and are going hard at the administration now.

Worse, for the first time during the Biden presidency, we are seeing our NATO allies vocally criticize the President of the United States. And in this case, they have every right to be furious. What Biden did here is beyond comprehension. Americans are stuck behind enemy lines and more and more information is coming out showing that he knew what was going to happen. Yet, he moved ahead anyway, removing US military forces before even starting an evacuation of tens of thousands of people who are now in danger. This wasn’t an intelligence failure. It was a presidential failure, and the consequences of that failure continue apace.


There’s little chance this doesn’t cause lasting damage to the relationships between the United States and its allies. That’s ironic given we were assured that would happen under Donald Trump. But while our commitment was never in doubt under the prior president, the current one is busy burning what little credibility we have left to the ground. With China making power moves and jihadism looking at a resurgence, the nation that once led the free world is now entering its darkest point in decades. Buckle up.


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