Biden Mad That We Challenge His Afghanistan Actions, Tells Monstrous Lies

Joe Biden finally woke up from his vacation nap today and delivered a speech to the American people about the unfolding disaster and frankly, he seemed mad that people dared to question his actions on Afghanistan.


While Biden claimed, “The buck stops with me,” he blamed everyone else but himself in a statement that was devoid of reality.

He tried to make it about staying forever in Afghanistan versus the horrible withdrawal that he orchestrated. That wasn’t the choice. The choice was to have a competent withdrawal, paying attention to intelligence, not ignoring it.

But he went down the same road that Secretary of State Antony Blinken did — claiming they successfully achieved their goals of getting Osama bin Laden (a mission he opposed) and preventing terrorists from attacking the U.S. again from Afghanistan. Of course, that’s a complete lie since now, as an Islamic state, they will be better able to hit us with terrorist attacks than ever before. Our intelligence gathering organs that we had there are now gone. So we are in a much worse position than we were before Biden’s actions. Even Gen. Mark Milley has said the dangers now are greater. Are they even talking to each other?


Biden blamed Trump and the Afghan military. But he refused to take responsibility for any of his own actions and poor planning. He claimed they planned for every eventuality. A demonstrable lie unless he planned to be humiliated.

He’s known for months this was coming but has done nothing until the end of July to try to extract the Afghan allies who had helped us.

Now, in just a monstrous lie, he claimed many of them didn’t want to leave earlier and that the Afghan government was against it. Meanwhile, all of these people have been screaming their heads off, pleading for help for months. He’s not only abandoning them to their deaths, but now lying about his response to their cries. I don’t think there could be anything more despicable that he’s done so far. This would have to be up there as one of the worst things he’s ever done. Imagine hanging on for help in Kabul after having risked your life. Democrats just spit on you and threw your life away.


Biden claimed that staying was “not in our national security interest.” But a humiliating retreat is also not in our national interests. Leaving those who helped us to die isn’t in our national interest. He’s just excoriated our allies and blamed them. Who would ever trust working with us again with this guy? Who could ever trust that this guy would have their back?

This is just shameful beyond words what Biden has done to the credibility of the United States.

Of course, he refused questions.


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