What the Heck: Biden Claims Taliban Going Through 'Existential Crisis'

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Joe Biden is truly not in the same reality as the rest of all are.

He’s now just saying whatever comes out of his head to try to defend himself, regardless of facts or morality. As we noted earlier, he’s completely delusional — thinking that we have control of the airport right now as chaos reigns outside.


But that’s not all. Listen as he tells George Stephanopoulos that he thinks the Taliban are going through an “existential crisis” about the question of being accepted by the international community.

Um, Joe, they just had a huge victory that you essentially gave them. They’re not having any sort of an existential crisis. The Taliban doesn’t give a rap what you think about them. If they did, we wouldn’t have seen them beating people and killing a woman for not wearing a burka. If you even think this is true, you are deluded.

Biden says he doesn’t think he would have predicted that when we decided to leave, the Taliban would provide safe passage for Americans to get out. Then why the heck didn’t you get the people out before you pulled the troops? A very simple plan. Moreover, does he really think the Taliban are providing safe passage to get out? There are a ton of videos and accounts that call this claim into question, but Biden seems to think it’s real. Does he even know what’s going on? I’m not sure that “safe passage” is what you would call this exactly.


These are all accounts within the last day:

If there’s anything that’s in an “existential crisis,” it’s any credibility that Biden may have had left — not just for Americans, but unfortunately, people around the world.


More delusion? He says that guaranteeing women’s rights by the military “isn’t rational.”

Now, while we weren’t there to be the policemen of the world and guarantee that everything was rosy for everyone, our having military there as part of our mission was guaranteeing the rights of women. Those rights are now forfeit throughout the country because we pulled our soldiers out without a plan. To not realize that is to not understand what is going on. Does he even know that a woman was killed for not wearing a burka by the Taliban yesterday? That women are being abused and beaten?

Why do all of us seem to understand more than Joe Biden?


Indeed, it is we are who are going through the crisis because we have this guy in charge.


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