Biden Delays Vacation Because of Backlash - But He's Still Going

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Joe Biden just gave remarks on Afghanistan which were so full of lies, it’s truly hard to keep up with them.

But there were some glaring ones including laughingly suggesting that this showed that no one could have projected as much power as the U.S. with the airlift when, indeed, it has projected nothing but weakness.


He then went on to incredibly claim that there was “no credibility” problem with the rest of the world or allies on this action when in fact he’s been excoriated all around the world in harsh statements, even by our great ally, Britain, because of what he’s done.

Can we remind him of how Tom Tugendhat called him out in a devastating speech on the floor of the House of Commons, saying his actions were “shameful” and suggesting he shouldn’t be talking about people who had served in Afghanistan if he hadn’t served himself. Oooph.


We all know that, so how can he even say what he said with a straight face when it’s such a lie?

He’s lied so much he can’t even keep up with his lies.

Another one was a doozy. Previously he had claimed that the intelligence community hadn’t said that things were going to collapse that quickly. But as we reported earlier, there was a secret cable from State Department officials in Kabul telling him things were likely to collapse after August 31, so that he should have known that it was coming and had these evacuations underway long ago. Doing that without a panicked rush normally would take weeks, if not months for all the thousands of people. Now he’s saying that he decided that it was the “consensus” opinion, he just dismissed the thought of a collapse any time soon. Incredible.

Perhaps the biggest and most disturbing lie I touched on earlier – that Americans are having no problems getting to the airport. That’s a flat-out lie as there are all kinds of reports of Americans who haven’t been able to get through.


After all that, Biden is still going on vacation. The backlash may have had a little bit of impact on Biden. Biden was scheduled to leave out for Delaware today. He actually had been originally scheduled to leave out yesterday. But apparently now he’s going to try to slink away tomorrow when there will be fewer folks working to report on it. He’s expected to stay then in Delaware until some time on Monday.

This is just despicable at this point and a dereliction of duty.


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