Revolution: To Fight Racial Injustice, the US Army Will Rename Nine Historic Bases

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The U.S. Army is undergoing a makeover.

The branch is set to rename nine posts due to something dastardly: At present, the monikers memorialize Confederate icons.


From The Associated Press:

[I]n the aftermath of the [George Floyd] killing…Congress ordered a comprehensive plan to rename the military posts and hundreds of other federal assets such as roads, buildings, memorials, signs and landmarks that honored rebel leaders.

The Naming Commission held its first meeting in March of 2021. Six months later, the group took name suggestions from the public.

[T]he commission received more than 34,000 potential names, which it said included about 3,670 unique ones that could possibly be used. That list was later narrowed to about 100 before the final nine were chosen to be recommended to Congress.

The project points to a change of heart:

As recently as 2015, the Army argued that the (Confederate) names did not honor the rebel cause but were a gesture of reconciliation with the South. … The change in the military’s thinking was reflected in congressional testimony by Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a month after Floyd’s death. He said that the current base names could be reminders to Black soldiers that rebel officers fought for an institution that may have enslaved their ancestors.

You may remember Gen. Milley for his defense of Critical Race Theory woking up West Point:


Per the AP, completion of a names list constitutes “the latest step in a broader effort by the military to confront racial injustice.”

Courtesy of the outlet (as well as, here’s a rundown of the embroiled bases and their rechristening recommendations:

  • Virginia’s Fort Pickett –> Fort Barfoot, after Tech Sgt. Van Barfoot, a Medal of Honor recipient who served in World War II
  • Alabama’s Fort Rucker –> Fort Novosel, after Chief Warrant Officer Michael Novosel, a Medal of Honor recipient who served in World War II and Vietnam
  • Virginia’s Fort A.P. Hill –> Fort Walker, after Mary Edwards Walker, a doctor who treated soldiers in the Civil War and later received a Medal of Honor
  • Texas’s Fort Hood –> Fort Cavazos, after Gen. Richard Cavazos, who served in the Korean War, received the Distinguished Service Cross, the second-highest military award, and became the Army’s first Hispanic four-star general
  • Georgia’s Fort Benning –> Fort Moore, after Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, who served in Vietnam and received the Distinguished Service Cross; and his wife Julia, who prompted the creation of teams that do in-person notifications of military casualties
  • Virginia’s Fort Lee –> Fort Gregg-Adams, after Lt. Gen. Arthur J. Gregg, known as a logistics leader; and Lt. Col. Charity Adams, who led the first female Black unit of the Army deployed in World War II
  • Georgia’s Fort Gordon –> Fort Eisenhower, after President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who led allied forces in Europe in World War II
  • Louisiana’s Fort Polk –> Fort Johnson, after Sgt. William Henry Johnson, a Black Medal of Honor recipient who served in the Army in World War I

Fort Bragg is the only base not set to be renamed for a person.

[P]anel members said…local residents were adamant that they wanted a name that wasn’t on the final list: Fort Liberty.

Society is in mid-revolution. Not to be excluded, the military has really upped its woke quotient:

Military Generals Call for Increased Diversity, Encourage More Women in Combat

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Navy Says Sailors Can Use Whichever Locker Room Suits Their Gender Identity

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Amid America’s house-cleaning, not even the woods are safe:

So goes our national upgrade.

If you ask me, “Fort Bragg” is more appropriate than ever — we now live in a world obsessed with virtue signaling.

If the advised changes seem insufficient, you’ll be encouraged to know the nation’s not nearly done. We’ll continue pummeling the problematic, until no stone is left unturned…




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