Report: Navy Says Sailors Can Use Whichever Locker Room Suits Their Gender Identity

The U.S. Navy continues on its course of social evolution, full speed ahead.

As reported by The Daily Wire, according to an obtained email, the service branch has laid down the law on transgender management.


The following information is alleged by that report.

Intelligence officers have been informed that repeated misgendering will result in potentially legal consequences — doing so would amount to an “unlawful hostile work environment.”

Such a designation comes courtesy of updated Title VII protections.

In June of 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that federal law against workplace discrimination — from the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — applies to both sexual preference and transgender status.

Hence, as stated by the email:

Intentionally and repeatedly using the wrong name and pronoun to refer to a transgender employee could contribute to an unlawful hostile work environment.

But just to be clear:

Accidental misuse of a transgender employee’s preferred name and pronoun does not violate Title VII.

The email employed terms such as “intersex” and “transition” and defined “sex-based harassment” as “unwelcome conduct that is severe or pervasive and has no sexual component, but is instead aimed at disparaging an employee because of the employee’s gender or sex.”

As you’re likely aware, the military in general is endeavoring a radical update.

It’s taking aim at the problematic and hitting “Fire.”

In March, the Pentagon installed its first chief of Diversity and Inclusion.

This week, an Air Force Academy professor defended her teaching of Critical Race Theory to cadets.

In May, the Air Forceformed its Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning Initiative Team — AKA “LIT” — to inform top-down changes to the organization.


And last month, Nellis Air Force Base hosted its first drag show.

In the Army, grooming standards now allow the following:

  • Optional wear of earrings
  • Optional wear of lipstick
  • Optional wear of nail colors for women
  • Optional wear of clear nail polish for men

For years, Rush Limbaugh asserted the military’s job was to “kill people and break things.”

In February, Sgt. Maj. Mark Anthony Clark — of the Army’s Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel — ensured they’re on the ball about breakage.

“In an effort to stop hair damage and loss stemming from hairstyles like the bun, the Army approved healthier hairstyle options that are more inclusive of various natural styles.”

One more upgrade, per Army Regulation 670-1:

Major changes include implementation of the AGSU, clarified policy on breastfeeding or pumping in uniform, authorization for breastfeeding/pumping Soldiers to wear an optional undershirt, implementation of the Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform, and full transition to the Operational Camouflage Pattern — removing references to the Universal Camouflage Pattern.

As for the Navy, it’s added “antiracist” books to the official reading list, including The New Jim Crow and Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist.

And in June, the branch battled for inclusion with the weapon of interior decorating — offices were set to be newly adorned with art reflecting the diversity of servicemembers.



Back to the recent email, officers were also schooled on bathrooms and locker rooms.

Employers may have separate facilities for men and women, but may also choose to have unisex or single-use facilities. However, the EEOC has taken the position that when these facilities are segregated by sex, all men and women, including transgender men and women ‘should be allowed to use’ the facility that corresponds to their gender identity.

Our military used to be focused on fighting foreign enemies — that is to say, elements outside of itself.

These days, seemingly, it’s interested in the enemy within.

It’s a new day, for a new enemy, and a new fighting force…in a new America.



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