Hooray for It: Trump's Campaign Received Some Phenomenal Funding From a Most Unlikely Place


Hollywood is very important.

If you don’t believe so, just ask…Hollywood.

Hence, Tinseltown doesn’t shy way where investing in America’s elections is concerned.


And since the advent of political candidate Trump, actors and musicians have been sounding off on the bodaciously bad billionaire.

Take a look (Language Warning):

In fact, some in the limelight have lately lit up the airwaves and webwaves with — seemingly — the following assumption: Many Americans have decided they aren’t going to vote, but because Celebrity X said to, now they will…

…for the Democratic nominee, if I’ve correctly understood.

And it turns out Hollywood’s been putting its money where its mouth is.

As reported by Fox News, via cast reunions, concerts, and cocktails, celebs have raised at least $13.1 million for Joe Biden.

A few of the acclaimed names responsible:

So what’s a media-maligned dastardly devil such as Donald to do?

Nothing. In fact, the scales have tilted — the Trump campaign allegedly received a big and bold boost from the most unlikely of places: Hollywood.

The President purportedly more-than-matched Biden’s entertainment industry contributions of roughly 13 Big Ones thanks to a gargantuan gift from none other than Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter — chairman of action-hero movie-producing Marvel Entertainment.


Per The Washington Post, in September, Isaac and his wife, Laura, swung onto the scene and gifted a pro-Trump super PAC $15 million.

The Israeli-American executive, according to ProPublica, is a pal of the President and a member of Mar-a-Lago.

He’s also worth $4.6 billion.

Fox notes that, among those who entertain us, the Commander-in-Chief couldn’t compete with the sheer number of benefactors…

Roughly 6,165 people involved in showbusiness and professional sports rallied behind the former vice president by donating to Biden’s presidential campaign and pro-Biden political action committees, according to campaign finance data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics exclusively for Fox News.

In comparison, roughly 525 people in the entertainment world donated money to help reelect President Trump, the donor data through Oct. 14 shows.

But if it’s all about the Benjamins, Isaac and Laura swooped down with a marvel of a heroic deed for The Donald.

And #45 was, in a word, Avenged.

It’s a rousing reminder — not everyone on the Left Coast is so Left.

Across entertainment at large, here’s FNC with a few other notables and their dollars donated to keep the Leader of the Free World our leader:

Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and public supporter of Trump, also gave $1 million to America First Action.

NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Edward Glazer and Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown each donated $5,600 to Trump. Mike Priefer, the special teams coordinator for the Cleveland Browns, also pitched in $500.

Actor Randy Quaid pitched in $750 for Trump, former General Hospital star Chad Brannon donated $2,100 and Jay Demarcus, of the country group Rascal Flatts, donated $500 to Trump in June, records show.


And of course, in terms of voiced support, Trump’s gotten exceptional marks from others on the silver screen.

Consider colossal commendations by Kirstie Alley and Jon Voight:

Donald Trump has many adversaries in entertainment. Even so, no group that large is a monolith.

And despite all the hate we’ve seen from Celebritytown…notwithstanding all the shouting down we’ve heard from showbiz…POTUS has many reasons — millions, in fact — to say, “Hooray for Hollywood.”



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