'Honorable Character': California Megachurch Minister Explains Why He's Voting for Trump

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Over the last few months, California Pastor John MacArthur’s been nestled in the news amid his fight against California’s coronavirus clampdown. But now a West Coast pastor is making waves for his fervor in favor of something: Donald J. Trump’s reelection.


In an op-ed for The Christian Post, influential megaminister Bill Johnson — of Redding’s Bethel Church — explains why he’s voting for the incumbent.

And with a clear conscience, no less.

As reported by Fox News, the religious leader relays his “confidence” in Trump comes after comparing his accomplishments to that of 47-year government veteran Joe Biden.

“[I]t is with confidence and a clear conscience that I will be voting for a second term…on November 3, 2020.”

Shockingly to some, he writes, POTUS has “undeniably accomplished — or attempted to accomplish — a majority of his main campaign promises” over the last four years.

Of course, from some conservatives — including a segment of the clergy — the Commander-in-Chief has come under fire where character is concerned.

But Bill points out there’s more than one kind:

“It is an honorable character trait of any elected official to follow through on their commitments.”

Johnson also praises the Prez for seeking counsel and inviting intercession:

“For me, it is worthy of note that I’ve never seen a president who loved prayer as much as Donald Trump — and that includes from those I voted for and those I didn’t. His passion for godly counsel is also legendary.”

Trump has indeed not shied from prayer. You may remember this photo, which surely left some triggered for reasons more than one:


Speaking of, the pastor will “pray that [Trump] would increase in favor with God and man.”

The man could use it, as Johnson notes:

“We are told that President Trump is a ‘racist, misogynist, and xenophobe.’ Partial or out-of-context sound bites are thrown around as evidence of these claims. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, the facts show that the policies and actions of the President do not fit the characteristics of what those labels imply. In fact, I just watched a great film recently called The Trump I Know, where the filmmakers present a view of our President that is the complete opposite to the common reports promoted by mainstream media.”


The Leader of the Free World’s also made headlines where religious liberty’s concerned, having proclaimed the following last year:

“Every citizen has the absolute right to live according to the teachings of their faith and the convictions of their heart. This is the bedrock of American life. To protect this heritage my Administration has strongly defended religious liberty.”


Back to Bill, he additionally fancies 45 because of his attention to Israel:

“His historic actions for Israel should appeal to believers, as the biblical mandate to pray supportively for Jerusalem is a clear priority in scripture.”

Also, per the pastor, Trump is “the only one who isn’t owned by either party, and is fully capable through courage and boldness to bring about the changes needed.”

And he encourages others to make known their presence at the polls:

“An excuse frequently made is “I only have one vote, and my vote doesn’t really matter.” The devil made up that lie to disengage and silence millions of voices within the Church. All of us must pray and take action by sharing our voice through voting to make a difference in culture, exhorting those we know to do the same.”

Therefore, a challenge:

“I challenge all believers, whether you’ve voted in every election or this will be the first one you participate in, to make the effort. Pursue understanding of the policies proposed. Pray for God’s heart, wisdom, and direction. And finally, steward your God-given voice by casting your vote.”

We are definitely, as a nation, at a crossroads.

It seems to me no recent election has offered two more different paths.

Tuesday will see America take a turn. Which way will it go?

Whatever the course, a stunning statement will be made — one heard, doubtlessly, for years to come.


Either way, Bill is certain of his fate:

“I will trust the Lord to work through the outcome. At the same time, I realize that many people I care for don’t see it that way at all. Regardless, my love for God and people remains the same.”



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