Michael Moore, With His Finger on the Pulse: Because of Trump, Americans Feel No Pride

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Are you proud? If Michael Moore has his finger on the pulse of America, the answer to that question is likely No.

Guesting on MSNBC Sunday, the left-wing activist was asked what issues, in his view, are most important to people in states such as Michigan.

Moore believes people want less — of Donald Trump.

According to Michael, most of y’all are sick of the pandemic. And the President.

Here’s how he put it:

“I think what’s at the top of the list is that people are tired. They’re really tired because they’re, first of all, fighting off a virus that has every intention of killing you if it can. So that’s been scary enough for these last 10 months.”

Here’s a big but:

“But I think that they’re tired of the behavior of Donald Trump. Who wants a president, regardless of what your politics are, that has 25,000 confirmed lies? Who wants that?”

Since he entered the political sphere, Trump has certainly promoted patriotism.

MM believes people aren’t into it — if he knows the country like he thinks, most citizens have no present pride:

“How proud are we as Americans? There he is (referencing a clip of the President in front of a crowd, Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA’ ringing out). He plays that song — ‘I’m proud to be an American’ — every time he takes the stage, and I don’t think the majority of Americans are proud at this moment.”

Is it a fat chance that Trump’s pulverized pride?

As for Moore, it makes sense he’s not bursting with it — generally, love of America involves being grateful it’s the greatest. To here Michael tell it, we’ve got it worse. All those other places? Supremo.

At least, that’s how it sounds…

“Do you realize the rest of the world — first they laughed at us, and now they pity us. And they feel really, really bad that we have to suffer through this.”

Consider our inferior plight:

“How many millions lost their employer-based health insurance? You know that great employer-based health insurance? So much better to have that. As soon as 40 million people lost their jobs, 40 million people are cut right off from their health care, which should be a human right — not something connected to your job because if your job goes, that goes. You’re in deep trouble, especially if there’s a pandemic going on.”

But here’s a question as for America vs. The World: If it’s so much better elsewhere, why don’t we see people who came here from other places standing to say, “Please — make it here as it was there”?

Still, Michael thinks there’s no pride for the commoner, and people are sick of this president.

Indeed, the way Moore sees it, everyone’s pretty much a Democrat. For example — as he told MSNBC Friday — folks even think women should make the same as men:

“The majority of the country does believe women should be paid the same as men. … The majority of Americans support what is essentially the Democratic platform.”

So says Michael Moore, who’s betting he knows America.

Will people be so sick as to elect Joe Biden?

We’re about to all find out.

Perhaps Michael’s frustration is reasonable — the man’s reportedly worth only $30 million. Imagine how much he could’ve made, if America was as good as one of those socialist nations.

Hold on to your hat, Mike. We may be headed there soon — if everyone’s as sick as you say they are.



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