RedState Weekly Briefing: Heavy-Handed FBI, Ranty Biden, and Railway Woes

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#1 – List of Trump Allies Who Had FBI Show up on Their Doorsteps or Got Subpoenas Includes a Big Name — by Nick Arama

The NY Times notes that Miller was not known to have had a planning role in the electors plan or the fund-raising efforts. So it’s not clear why they are dropping a subpoena on him. Nor is it clear what their legal justification is in regard to the electors plan.We’ll doubtless be hearing about more names of the people they raided or dropped subpoenas on. But it looks like just in the case of the Trump raid, a big net was thrown out there trying to find anything they can to go after people on. And it’s a very troubling thing when the Biden Administration appears to be going after the allies of his once and possibly future political opponent.


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#2 – Bombshell Report: Dozens of Trump Allies Raided or Served Subpoenas by FBI — by Nick Arama

This is an incredible escalation by the Biden Administration and it’s going to be hard to justify that this isn’t an effort to go after and shut down political opponents. This would be incredibly out of control and something on a par with Stalinist regimes trying to stifle any challenge to their power. As Dhillon noted, this raises all kinds of First Amendment questions. She also noted how improper this is that the DOJ is telling reporters about these search warrants and subpoenas even before they are executed. She said she thought this was to instill fear into people right before an upcoming election so they wouldn’t challenge anything. She called it abuse by the DOJ and said it was illegal of them to leak this information.

“This will wreck the country,” Tucker said. That’s about the size of it if Republicans let this go without calling out the abuse.



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#3 – Joe Biden Rants About the United States ‘Kamara’ in Brain Freeze-Filled Speech — by Bonchie

Joe Biden is back from his latest vacation, and he’s well rested and ready to go.

LOL..I’m just kidding. He appeared on Monday in Boston, MA, and he was his same dazed and confused self. Apparently, his team of handlers didn’t quite get the drug cocktail mixed up right, because there were brain freezes, untruths, and unintelligible moments.

At one point, the president attempted to put his angry eyes on, taking the Lord’s name in vain, something he does often as a “devout” Catholic. In the process, he forgot what country he leads.


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#4 – The Looming Crisis that Could Cost the Country and Sink Dems Chances in Midterms — by Nick Arama

Unfortunately, there’s another problem coming up that may make it worse, if inflation weren’t bad enough.

There’s a potential railroad strike that may hit on Friday that could cost the country $2 billion a day and throw transportation of goods and people into a mess.

Biden is trying to head it off. He knows that if it hits, it could be toast for the Democrats in the midterms because it would further drive the economy into the dumper. Biden has been making calls and his team has been holding meetings with the union heads but it hasn’t worked so far.


Tucker Carlson and Lisa Gallagher. (Credit: Columbia Bugle)

#5 – FBI Turns Up on Doorstep of Trump Supporter Who Wasn’t Even at the US Capitol on January 6 — by Nick Arama


Gallagher said she was terrified when federal agents showed up on her doorstep. She said that although she knew she had done nothing wrong, she had watched Biden’s speech the night before, so she thought this was political. She explained that the FBI agents told her they had received an anonymous tip that she was at the Capitol on January 6. She invited them into her home and showed them her calendars to show that she hadn’t been at the Capitol on that day.

Now, if this is all true, this is a frightening thing. At this point, after two years, they have to know of anyone who did anything at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Are they truly trying to chase down people because of a random tip from someone? That’s terrifying not only because of the intimidation involved from the FBI, but that anyone could now turn in someone they don’t like with such a seemingly flimsy accusation. That is the kind of thing that happens in fascist and Communist nations.


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