FBI Turns Up on Doorstep of Trump Supporter Who Wasn't Even at the US Capitol on January 6

Tucker Carlson and Lisa Gallagher. (Credit: Columbia Bugle)

We’ve been reporting on the efforts of the federal law enforcement bureaucracy to harass and target Trump allies with reported FBI raids on the homes of supporters to execute search warrants, and the DOJ dropping subpoenas on people.


Now one New Jersey woman, Lisa Gallagher, has come forward saying that the FBI showed up on her doorstep the morning after Joe Biden delivered his “anti-MAGA” speech. Gallagher is not a “Trump ally” — she’s just a regular person and Trump supporter. She appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday to share the story.

Gallagher said she was terrified when federal agents showed up on her doorstep. She said that although she knew she had done nothing wrong, she had watched Biden’s speech the night before, so she thought this was political. She explained that the FBI agents told her they had received an anonymous tip that she was at the Capitol on January 6. She invited them into her home and showed them her calendars to show that she hadn’t been at the Capitol on that day.


Now, if this is all true, this is a frightening thing. At this point, after two years, they have to know of anyone who did anything at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Are they truly trying to chase down people because of a random tip from someone? That’s terrifying not only because of the intimidation involved from the FBI, but that anyone could now turn in someone they don’t like with such a seemingly flimsy accusation. That is the kind of thing that happens in fascist and Communist nations.

Where are the Republicans calling all this out? The Republicans have been silent since on the stories of the subpoenas and the raids. Now, this isn’t even a “Trump ally,” but just a regular person. They should be even more concerned about that kind of action. Yet they seem very quiet. You don’t stop it by being quiet. You stop it by asking questions and demanding answers. You stop it by shining a bright light on it.



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