Joe Biden Rants About the United States 'Kamara' in Brain Freeze-Filled Speech


Joe Biden is back from his latest vacation, and he’s well rested and ready to go.

LOL..I’m just kidding. He appeared on Monday in Boston, MA, and he was his same dazed and confused self. Apparently, his team of handlers didn’t quite get the drug cocktail mixed up right, because there were brain freezes, untruths, and unintelligible moments.


At one point, the president attempted to put his angry eyes on, taking the Lord’s name in vain, something he does often as a “devout” Catholic. In the process, he forgot what country he leads.

As a purveyor of NFL football, I’m pretty sure that “Kamara” is a running back for the New Orleans Saints. What he’s not is a replacement for “America.” Biden even screwed up the “of” in his statement because why not? If he’s going to do the senile thing, he might as well go all the way.

That leads me to this brain freeze.

I’ll admit, he’s getting better at his transitions when he suffers these mind-melts. You’d think the President of the United States would have that line of the Declaration of Independence memorized, or at the very least, that he wouldn’t try to recite it if he doesn’t. But Biden appears to completely forget it, stopping in the middle of a word before jumping to his next canned line. You know, totally normal stuff for a supposedly mentally competent president.


It wasn’t all dementia and flubs, though. Biden did manage to deliver this intelligable line, though it represents a slap in the face to struggling Americans everywhere.

We won’t know the latest inflation figures until Tuesday, but the last report came in at a crushing 8.5 percent. Interest rates are through the roof, essentially stalling the housing market. Millions of people are having to work multiple jobs, gas remains around $1.50 higher than when Biden took office, and a future downturn in the jobs market is all but inevitable.

Yet, Biden has the audacity to describe whatever this economy is as resurgent. It’s as insulting as it is false. No doubt, the rich have gotten richer, and the labor crisis, largely due to government spending (which caused inflation), has ensured a plethora of entry-level jobs, but the average American is paying far more for things today than they were a year ago. That means less buying power, less money in savings, and an overall worse financial situation.


The bumbling White House occupant can forget the name of his country and screw up his lines all he wants. It doesn’t change the situation on the ground. Voters would be wise not to forget that either.


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