Opinion: It’s Time to Address the Cruelty of Jill Biden

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As our loyal readers know, reporting on Joe Biden’s missteps, gaffes, flubs, blank stares, and just general all-around incoherency and “out of it”-ness (if there is such a term) is a daily thing here at RedState, because it happens so often and needs to be documented for the record considering he, ostensibly, is “leader of the free world.”


But though such incidents are numerous, with the stories on them seemingly turning into “dog bites man” types of news pieces at times, some are far more concerning than others. We saw, for instance, in September during a White House conference on hunger, nutrition, and health when Biden bizarrely called out for Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.), who was the co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus.

Biden said “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie?” and looked around the room for the Congresswoman, who unfortunately was not there because she—along with two Congressional aides— tragically passed away a month prior after a car accident in Indiana. This was something Biden purportedly knew at the time it happened considering the statement he and First Lady Jill Biden issued, which paid tribute to Walorski’s work.

More recently, alarm bells sounded during a military event involving Joe and Jill Biden in North Carolina, where Biden appeared to be extremely confused after his speech was over, staring around blankly and having to be gently directed by a handler on where to go and what to do, which also happened earlier in the day.

During the military gathering, however, Jill Biden could not hide her tension during remarks she gave, as she waited with bare miniumum patience for Joe Biden to belatedly make it to the stage.

That brings me to the central point of my extended thought bubble, and that’s “Dr.” Biden’s continued enabling of the farce of Joe Biden’s presidency via actions that come pretty close, in my opinion, to elder abuse on a widespread scale; with Mrs. Biden reportedly being the central figure in coordinating his notoriously aggressive handlers, scripting his public appearances, and ridiculing staffers when Joe comes off looking bad – which is often.


I’ve taken to calling Jill Biden the Handler-in-Chief and the Shover-in-Chief: the former, for obvious reasons and the latter, for her propensity to all but literally shove Joe Biden offstage whenever he veers off-course – which is often.

I’ve also called her the “Rescuer-in-Chief,” because of all the times she’s had to step in and run interference for Joe Biden when he goes wildly off script—which is often.

In my view, it’s incredibly unseemly at this point for Jill Biden in her role not as First Lady but his wife of 46 years to not acknowledge when enough is enough, and to call the second round (a reelection campaign) off before the situation with Joe Biden’s questionable mental acuity gets even more out of hand.

But it’s not to be. Jill Biden is said to be the one person who more than anyone else implored Joe Biden to run for a second term, believing there were still things that needed to be done and that he, on paper at least, was the man to do it.

Except, was that her real motivation?

We’ve talked often here about Jill Biden’s Edith Wilson-like dedication to her husband’s presidency, which is deeply disturbing when you consider how Wilson, as Biography.com put it, was “the First Lady who became an acting president — without being elected” during her husband Woodrow Wilson’s presidency.


“For one year and five months, Wilson oversaw her husband’s presidential affairs while he recovered” from a major stroke, they also noted.

As I’ve said before, in a normal situation, a woman stepping in to advise, protect and defend her aging husband, to make sure he’s not taken advantage of or made to look bad, is not a big deal. There are caregivers all across America who do just that every day with their spouses, and that’s okay.

But this is not a normal situation we’re talking about there. Joe Biden is the President of the United States, a position in which projecting strength and demonstrating the ability to communicate coherently and make your own decisions is paramount to your success, here at home and abroad, as well as with your international foes, who though they may not respect whoever the president is at any given time, do respect strength.

With each passing day, it becomes clearer – in my view – that the person running this country isn’t Joe Biden but instead the people who continue propping him up, with Jill Biden being the biggest enabler of it all.

It’s just cruel at this point to push him into trying to go the distance one more time, but here we are, because Jill Biden – as she’s said before – is bound and determined to not be known as just a powerful politician’s wife. From all appearances, she wants something more, perhaps the trappings of a presidency itself, without putting in the level of work the candidates themselves ideally have to in order to get there.


And her conduit? This guy:

Don’t go away mad, Jill Biden, just go quietly back to Delaware after 2024 and take your husband with you.

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