Biden Can't Stop Himself From Telling Big Lie, as Handler Has to Help Him Off Stage

Joe Biden needs help from handler in North Carolina. (Credit: RNC Research)

We keep saying that Joe Biden is getting worse and we’ve certainly presented the receipts in many, many stories.

But as my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote on Friday, his trip to North Carolina may have been his most confused excursion yet. First, they were at a military event. Joe seemed to be nowhere around and his handler Jill joked that they “forgot those two” — one of whom was Joe. When he finally showed up, he seemed completely confused. He made a weird motion as though to jump off the stage. He later visited Nash Community College where he was supposed to be talking about workforce training programs but again the look on his face was a little scary because he looked so perplexed and so out of it, as Sister Toldjah reported.


There are a few more clips that show just how concerned we should be about how much he’s deteriorated.

Here’s one where he’s talking to North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and making a comment about the people at the event which I can’t quite decipher, saying “[Something these guys],” then “not a joke.” Again he looks completely bewildered at the end of the video.

I think from Cooper’s reaction that Joe must have been making a weird comment but it’s hard to tell exactly what was said.

He also claimed global warming was the “only existential threat that exists to humanity.”

He didn’t update to “climate change,” he’s still stuck back in “global warming.” He also seems to have forgotten that last month he claimed white supremacy was the greatest domestic terrorism threat to the country. But, of course, the level of the threat varies depending on the audience to whom he’s trying to pander.


How bad is he? Even after the controversy over claiming his son died in Iraq in the past, he still can’t stop saying it. He says it again here, again claiming “stolen valor” that just isn’t true.

Whenever he says “Anyway” like that, it’s a tell. You know that whatever was said before the “anyway” is false. But if he keeps saying it even when he’s had to deal with the controversy from it, you know he can’t even control the lies anymore. He no longer even has the judgment to stop himself, and that’s pretty concerning.

Then this one was truly bad. We’ve moved from him getting lost as he tries to walk off the stage in the wrong direction to now having him look so confused and desperate for the handler to help lead the way.

Then he also does that shaking-the-air thing that he does, like he did last when the Kansas City Chiefs visited the White House. It looks like he has a “designated handler” beyond Jill now; this was the same guy who had to help lead him off the stage at the military event in Sister Toldjah’s story.

This is sad at this point. Everyone involved in this needs to look into their soul and think about what they are doing to the country with Biden and continuing to pretend that he’s a competent candidate for office in 2024. As it is, this is a danger to us all, and he’s only getting worse with every day. Imagine how bad he’s going to be in a year—that’s a frightening thought and all the more reason that he must be defeated since they seem unwilling to acknowledge the depths of his problems or take action to protect the country.



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