Watch: Near-Disaster Unfolds During Joe Biden's Trip to NC, Even Jill Looked Tense

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Let’s face it, stories of the current resident of the Oval Office looking confused and out of sorts are nothing new. In fact, we saw it just Thursday during the public portion of his meeting with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, where Biden mumbled incoherently at various points as he forgot Winston Churchill’s name and incorrectly referred to Sunak as “Mr. President.”


And the day after he suffered a massive fall during an Air Force commencement ceremony, Biden had to be directed everywhere he went during a D.C. Marine Barracks parade while at times moving very slowly, and then on Monday, he shook hands with thin air (again) during the Kansas City Chiefs’ visit to the White House.

But Biden and First Lady Jill Biden’s trip to North Carolina Friday provided us with what I think is the clearest evidence yet that Joe Biden is unwell.

Let’s start with how the Handler-In-Chief looked when she was supposed to be introducing Biden during a military event at Fort Liberty (formerly Fort Bragg). He was nowhere to be found at first, and she jokingly commented to someone who wasn’t in the video that “we forgot those two.” Though she nervously laughs throughout there was an undercurrent of tension clearly visible at the start of the video and when she stepped up to the podium.


In another clip after the speech, Biden can be heard trying to crack a joke, and you see him walking gingerly over to the people behind him to mumble some more. Notice how Jill Biden watches him closely and appears to gesture to someone perhaps in an effort to signal an aide over to Joe:


Most alarmingly however was how Joe Biden looked after (presumably) posing for pictures with a group that was on stage. Watch as Biden looks as though he’s about to lunge at someone, moving his head to the left and right confusingly at one point as though the people around him are speaking a foreign language, before someone comes over and rescues him from disaster by whispering in his ear, apparently telling him which way to go. He then walks slowly to a ramp:

And during a visit to Nash Community College in Rocky Mount, Biden had a visibly confused look on his face (as indicated by the photo above) as he listened to what was being said. Note how as everyone around him laughed, Biden remained stoic as though he was having trouble processing:


If this isn’t definitive proof that Biden is unfit for another term in office then I don’t know what is. He’s stiff, robotic, and sometimes doesn’t even look like he knows where he is.

It’s just downright frightening considering the vast power he holds, and it makes you wonder all over again how this country is being run behind the scenes and, more importantly, by who?

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