Joe Biden Battles the Stage, Suffers a Self-Awareness Fail, and Pleads for the Queen in a Barn-Burning Connecticut Speech

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It’s Friday, and I believe this is my third or fourth article in the last week highlighting the fact that Biden can’t complete a simple speech without providing enough fodder to make Cori Bush look like a Rhodes scholar. There’s always so much to cover that I can’t even begin to tease it all in one headline.


Truly, I’m running out of words to describe the guy’s descent into senility, so if things become a little repetitive, you’ll have to forgive me. He’s not the president I want to cover, but he’s the president we have.

Jumping in, Biden appeared in Connecticut at the National Safer Communities Summit, and things went off the rails almost immediately.

You know, maybe joking about his age isn’t the best thing for Biden to do given he’s constantly demonstrating that he’s no longer mentally capable of doing his job? I get the self-deprecation angle, but it kind of ceases to be funny when it’s actually true. And to be sure, he absolutely looks and acts his age and then some.

Case in point, this ridiculous tale of random people selling AR-15s out of the back of trunks in Pennsylvania.

Perhaps Biden just watched one too many episodes of Dragnet and is getting confused, but the idea that he personally witnessed guys pulling up to corners and selling guns out of their trunks is laughable. It fits right in with the idea that he once battled a black lifeguard named “Corn Pop” with a bike chain. It’s the kind of lie the president constantly tells to make himself seem relevant and in the middle of the action. In reality, he was a nobody from Scranton, and people were not selling AR-15s in broad daylight in the middle of public.


Such a lie shows just how far the anti-gun left has to go to make their case. They can’t rely on actual facts and statistics (such as the fact that AR-15s are used in a tiny fraction of a fraction of shootings) so they make up wild stories and conflate numbers to try to manipulate people.

But I digress, Biden managed to offer perhaps the biggest self-awareness failure of his presidency at another point in his speech.

My dude, you’ve been overturned by the Supreme Court a litany of times for clearly illegal orders, you forced two-year-olds to wear masks for no scientific reason, and you just had your chief political opponent arrested. I think you’ve got the abuse of power thing down pat.

One of the worst parts of Biden’s persona is his penchant for projection. We’ve seen it with his family’s corruption and his lectures about unity. He’s always guilty of what he accuses others of doing. No other president in modern history has abused their power more than him, and it’s next-level gaslighting for him to continue to pretend otherwise.

The ending of Biden’s speech didn’t go any better. For reasons not readily apparent to anyone, he asked that “God, save the queen, man” before getting lost on stage again.


How does it remain so difficult for him to exit a stage? I’ve explained a simple cheat to him many times: You simply walk back down the way you came up.

As to the rest, no one knows what he’s talking about because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Biden is just Biden. Few even bother to ask questions anymore. We are all supposed to just pretend this is normal and not at all an issue. But sure, he’s going to serve another four-year term or something.


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