New York Post Reveals How Biden WH Is Punishing Them - Again - for Their Hunter Biden Coverage

New York Post Cover Hunter Biden,

After the New York Post’s blockbuster October 2020 story about the Hunter Biden laptop emails broke, then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s powerful political lackeys including future cabinet members like Antony Blinken and senior executives in Big Tech did everything they could to squelch both the story and the long-running paper.


Twitter – in consultation with anti-Trumpers in the FBI and DHS – locked the Post’s account and prevented the link from being viewed on the website when shared by other users, while Facebook also did their part to deliberately suppress the story. Major mainstream media outlets also turned their backs on the Post in a disgraceful display of journalistic malpractice.

At the time, the official explanation for targeting the Post was that the story was part of a “Russian election interference plot” that allegedly contained hacked material. We all knew then, and it has been confirmed many times since then, that these rationales were massive lies coordinated at high levels between the Biden presidential campaign and the intel community in an effort to protect Joe Biden’s presidential campaign from political damage just a few weeks out from Election Day.

And here we are not even a week after he lavished praise on the press during the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner for their supposed commitment to the “truth” or whatever, and Joe Biden – who prior to being declared the winner of the presidential election vowed to respect the freedom of the press – is punishing the New York Post yet again, barring them from the only event Biden was scheduled to appear at Monday:


From that report:

The White House press office barred The Post from attending President Biden’s only daytime public event Monday as federal prosecutors near a decision on criminally charging first son Hunter Biden for tax fraud and other crimes.


Biden ultimately took no shouted questions at the [Eisenhower Executive Office Building], which houses the set of a “fake” White House and about 50 theater-style seats for reporters — about 20 of which were empty Monday.

In the same room this past February, Biden chose to answer The Post’s query about whether his family’s links to China compromised his ability to steer US policy. He fumed about the lack of “polite” reporters and stormed out.


The [White House rejection] email does not claim that the exclusion is due to “space limitations” — an excuse that was used until recently to justify the press office’s mysterious prescreening of reporters let into large presidential events, which under past administrations were open to all journalists on White House grounds.


The New York Post’s White House correspondent, Steve Nelson, weighed in on Twitter:

So much for that “restoring” of the “respect” between the media and the White House Biden promised prior to the election right? And along with that, any claims of “transparency.” I mean, what legitimate reason would they have for barring the NY Post, especially when you consider that – as the Post pointed out – there were multiple empty chairs at the event, which they obtained a photo of (and which is on their website).

The only explanation is that Biden’s handlers are once again trying to make the Post pay the price for being one of the very few mainstream media outlets that has not kept quiet about Hunter Biden’s questionable overseas business dealings and Joe Biden’s tangled web of connections to them.


As was the case when Twitter and Facebook rushed to keep the original Hunter Biden story hidden from view, don’t expect other media outlets to rally to the defense of the Post because they, like the Biden White House, have a very vested interest in either ignoring or glossing over a major story that could potentially hurt Biden’s reelection chances.

As always, same crap, different day, and the people who are supposed to care very much about troubling developments like this simply… don’t.

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