Principled CNN Journalist Jake Tapper Tells NY Post to Bow to Twitter's Demands, Gets Wrecked in Response

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As of this writing, the New York Post still cannot access their Twitter account. The iconic paper’s Twitter page has been “dark” since the last tweets were posted there on October 14th, which is the day Twitter decided to pull the rug out from underneath their ability to tweet links to their news articles.


Twitter blocked the Post’s access to their account due to their explosive reports on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the emails that were found on it.

The Post has reportedly been told that the only way they can get access restored to their account is if they delete the “offending” tweets about Hunter Biden. If they were to do so, Twitter claims they would be allowed to tweet them out again. Understandably, the editors have refused to comply.

Principled CNN anchor and self-proclaimed freedom of the press advocate Jake Tapper, fresh off of interviewing noted medical expert Dave Matthews on President Trump’s campaign rallies, took to the Twitter machine this morning to provide some advice to the Post, telling them that all they had to do was do as the Big Tech company demanded and this would all be over:


Yeah … no. That’s not how this works, buddy. Not at all. Because once the capitulation starts, you will be forced to continue to do so.

The Post’s op/ed editor Sohrab Ahmari responded to Tapper accordingly:

And as a longtime reporter, Tapper should know the Post is in the right here, right?

Ahmari was far from the only one who let Tapper have it:


Tapper later suggested that “bad faith actors” were taking him out of context:

Let’s try to imagine for a few minutes here that the tables were turned, and Twitter was run by Trump supporters and had shut down CNN’s ability to tweet. Do you think Tapper would take the same position he did with the New York Post’s situation?


He sure as hell would not, and Brian Stelter, Oliver Darcy, and the rest of the drama queens at CNN would be in full agreement – as would most other news outlets in the mainstream media, who would rush to defend CNN for weeks on end, unlike how they’ve turned their backs on the NY Post in retaliation for reporting on something that might hurt Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

The Post is right not to back down on this. It’s a matter of journalistic principle, something even Jake Tapper used to be able to understand before Donald Trump absolutely broke him.

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