Twitter Does It Again, Goes After the NY Post for Their New Story on Hunter Biden, Ted Cruz Calls Them Out

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Twitter said that they moved precipitously yesterday in locking people’s accounts and trying to suppress the Hunter Biden story, without explaining why they were doing it.

Twitter then compared it to hacked material, despite the fact that there’s no evidence it was obtained through hacking or even illegally, as of this time.

But that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to shut down the NY Post story and accounts spreading it, or even related information about it.

As we reported earlier, they even locked the main Trump campaign account, @TeamTrump, which is now back up after apparently being locked down late last night. Here’s the video that was at issue that they got locked for.

But now they’ve gone after the new story the NY Post put out  that covers new revelations about Hunter Biden and China.

But Twitter doesn’t want you to read that one either.

So much for their claim that they overreacted yesterday. They’re still doing it. Notice they’re now trying to even frighten people from clicking on the link, suggesting there’s malware when, of course, there isn’t. They didn’t even bother with the old excuse of possible hacked or unreliable material.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called them out and is calling for action, demanding Twitter and Facebook answer for their actions.

Cruz and other Republicans are up in arms over this and are moving to subpoena Twitter and Facebook heads to demand answers to have them before Congress next Friday, calling this out-and-out election interference. They’re voting on Tuesday on the subpoenas.

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