White House Is Asked if Joe Biden Is ‘Woke,’ It Goes Downhill From There

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On any given day, the Biden White House will tell you it’s raining when your leg is being tinkled on, and Tuesday was no exception to that rule.

Except in this example, some of what was said during the daily press briefing was over the top, even for the Biden comms team.


During a back-and-forth exchange between Newsmax chief White House correspondent James Rosen and Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Rosen noted that “one of the most prominent themes we hear from both elected Republicans and candidates has to do with what is called ‘wokeism.’ And we hear about an anti-woke agenda.” Moments later after further pointing out how anti-wokeism has become central to the Republican agenda, Rosen asked Jean-Pierre if President Biden is “woke.”

Instead of answering the question, Jean-Pierre’s canned response was to suggest that “the president doesn’t concern himself about what Republicans are trying to do in creating political stunts, in making an issue out of the things that they feel benefits them politically, not the American people, not what matters to the American people, but what benefits them politically for their own ability to move forward.”

Left out of her non-answer, of course, was the fact that Republicans are speaking out and are pushing for/crafting legislation against “wokeism” precisely because Democrats are trying to forcibly weave it into the fabric of everyone’s daily lives.



Rosen also brought up the different ways Joe Biden can and has communicated with the public over the past two years of his presidency on social and cultural issues and asked if Jean-Pierre in her role as his primary spokesperson believed that he was “equally adept” in all of them or thought that there were some that were better suited for the POTUS than others.

“Is it the view of the president’s communication team that he is equally adept in all settings in terms of communications or are there some that play to greater strengths or some where he probably isn’t as strong?” Rosen inquired.

Baghdad Karine’s response easily put her in “lie of the year” contention, and we’re only halfway into February:

Oh, really? I mean I know she’s being paid to say that but this really begs for a rolling of the tape:

There’s plenty more where that came from, but we’ll leave it at that.


Joe Biden is many things, but an “adept communicator” ain’t one of ’em.

That being said, DC Examiner columnist T. Becket Adams had this reaction in response to KJP’s remarks.

“Compared to Buttigieg (McKinsey speak), Kamala (Predictive Text speak), and the actual WH spokeswoman herself (*Loading Text*), this … this is a true statement,” he tweeted. “Biden actually is the best communicator the WH has to offer. Oh God.”

The man has a point.

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