Biden Gets Confused About the 'Women' in His Admin and Where He Is

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Joe Biden has a constant problem of confusion and delusion. This week, for example, he not only repeated his long-debunked story about talking to a dead Amtrak conductor and forgot the name of the person he was talking about, but he made up a wild story that Amtrak conductors gave him a “key to the back [control room]” so he could go in any time he wanted. That of course is lunacy. If people in his administration could be honest, they should have been hauling him away from the podium. But they didn’t.


But in Thursday’s episode of “confusion delusion,” Bill Clinton joined him. Biden was speaking on the Family and Medical Leave Act on Thursday. He invited former president Bill Clinton to the White House because Clinton had signed the act into law back in 1993. Except Biden was confused about “my president” and where they were.

“I’m so happy to be able to welcome my president [Bill Clinton] back to the United States Congress—back to the United States Capitol,” Biden said. “And he’s promised me that I’ll be able to sit at my desk tomorrow.” I’m not sure why he was calling Clinton “my president” — maybe he thinks he’s back in the nineties and he, Joe Biden is back in the Senate. Where are you now, Joe? He doesn’t seem to even know, and that’s a scary thought.

Bill Clinton is normally a very adept speaker. But just being there around the Biden administration messed him up, he couldn’t even find his notes. Watching Joe Biden try to help him was something else, like the blind leading the blind.


“Why don’t I just give your speech? And you can give mine,” Clinton said. He did manage to find his notes. But it was a bit jarring to see them both together and to consider that Bill Clinton was president 30 years ago and at 76, he’s still younger and more coherent than Joe Biden now. That’s how old Joe Biden is.

It was also rather stark to see Clinton and Biden talking about leave for women who were victims of sexual assault when they’ve both been accused of sexual assault.

Joe Biden also gave a nod during his remarks to former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), “my friend.” Has he checked the accusations about Dodd and the infamous “waitress sandwich” he allegedly made with Ted Kennedy many moons ago, or nah?

I’m not even sure exactly what Biden was saying here, except that he wants you to know he always says “yes.” Maybe that’s why he keeps spending our money like it’s going out of style.

But they just laugh at him, and they likely have no idea what he’s talking about either.

Then he comes up with this doozy.


“More than half the women of my cabinet, more than half the people of my cabinet, more than half the women in my administration are women,” Biden said. He has absolutely no idea what he’s saying anymore. What was he even trying to say there — half the women are women? What the heck was the other half? Maybe they’re trans, like Rachel Levine? But then aren’t they women according to Democrats? I’m so confused! But what can you expect from an administration that doesn’t even know what a woman is, to begin with?


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