Karine Jean-Pierre Fails Miserably to Explain Biden's Absence Amid Multiple Shoot-Downs

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Following multiple shoot-downs of unidentified flying objects over the last week, reporters were itching to gather more information during Tuesday’s White House press briefing. That vigor for transparency was quickly quelled by the world’s worst press secretary, though.


Karine Jean-Pierre took to the podium to once again provide absolutely nothing of value for the six-figure salary she collects from taxpayers. When pressed on why Joe Biden has still not addressed the nation about even the initial Chinese spy balloon that was downed, this was the result.

The question wasn’t whether he is receiving briefings. I would hope that Biden is receiving briefings. That would be the bare minimum given he’s ostensibly the President of the United States. That still doesn’t explain why Biden can’t manage to give a few brief remarks on the situation. It’s been nearly two weeks since the spy balloon was reported over Montana. It’s been over a week since it was blown out of the sky. Since then, at least three other objects have been shot down. And the president has nothing to say?


As to the notion that Biden is hiding out so as to not cause a panic, isn’t it more panic-inducing to be this opaque and refuse to give the American people any relevant information? When leaders refuse to lead, speculation takes over. For example, because of the White House’s lack of transparency, I’m speculating that Biden is senile and can’t be counted on to talk about the issue without causing another international incident. See how that works?

But rest assured, according to Jean-Pierre, Biden is taking everything very seriously. In fact, he’s the best communicator the White House has. He’s so good that he is choosing not to communicate.

When Jean-Pierre claims the president is taking something seriously, you know the opposite is true. That’s the same line that was repeated ad nauseam to dismiss Biden’s classified documents scandal. Sure, he illegally possessed classified material and stored it next to his Corvette, but by golly, he’s taking the situation very seriously. Don’t doubt him for a second.


No one is buying this nonsense, and Biden’s absence is telling on multiple levels. Either he’s mentally incapable of being trusted to comment on such a volatile issue, or he’s not involved enough to even know what to say. Jean-Pierre should pick one because the American people want answers, and continuing to repeat the same, tired cliches isn’t going to cut it.



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