Woke Sports Editor Hears About It After Trying to Cancel Tony Dungy Over Pro-Life Views

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As we previously reported, it’s been a bad week for easily triggered sports media figures, starting with the backlash to their unhinged eruptions over Philadephia Flyers player Ivan Provorov’s refusal on Tuesday to participate in a “Pride Night” pregame warmup which included players wearing Pride-themed jerseys. One particularly incensed NHL Network reporter even urged Provorov to move back to Russia, which was pretty ironic considering Vladimir Putin also has a rather unhealthy intolerance for opposing viewpoints.


In yet another example of woke sports reporters going off the rails, “The Nation” sports editor Dave Zirin flew into an absolute meltdown Thursday after he found out that former NFL player-turned NFL coach-turned NBC Sports commentator Tony Dungy, who has adopted eight children, would be attending this year’s March for Life rally in Washington, D.C.

It all started after Dungy took to the Twitter machine to announce his and his wife Lauren’s participation in the rally. He said they were looking forward to being around the “thousands of others who will be there to support those unborn babies who don’t have a voice”:

As it turns out, Dungy noting that he and his wife were getting ready to join others in a peaceful march in support of the unborn set Zirin off big time. He fired off a hit piece just a few hours later, but said the quiet part out loud in a tweet he posted about his write-up. You see, it’s not just about his pro-life views. Dungy is a “right-wing extremist” in Zirin’s view because of that, because he is not a proponent of gay marriage, believes fathers should be present in their children’s lives, and is against the idea of transgender “women” being allowed to participate in women’s sports:


Mentioning the NFL and NBC in the tweet and in his piece was not by accident. The idea is to cancel Dungy for WrongThink, which has been attempted before (and failed) by other woke writers whenever Dungy has spoken out on some of the various woke issues that have popped up in the NFL over the last several years.

There were some on Twitter, like failed former MSNBC anchor and failed former ESPN commentator Keith Olbermann, who agreed with Zirin’s stance.

“Dear @nbcsports – if you have any remaining concern for your operational reputation, fire Tony Dungy now. He is using you,” Olbermann whined.

But far more weighed in with their disagreement including independent-minded sports commentator Jason Whitlock, who did not mince words.

“Massa Zirin is very upset Tony Dungy won’t adopt massa’s politics,” Whitlock wrote. “Massa Zirin is upset a black man would support a March for Life event. Massa prefers the slaughter of babies, particularly black ones, in the womb. Massa wants Dungy fired. Massa love dead & unemployed negroes.”

Another Twitter user clapped back by asking Zirin, “Are you gonna be ok knowing there’s a black man who disagrees with your politics?”

My thing here is that there are a lot of bad faith actors in the NFL, who are actually deserving of mockery and ridicule over some of the things they say and do. Why attack Dungy, who is undoubtedly one of the most decent guys out there and who goes out of his way to make the best out of bad and/or uncomfortable situations for himself and for others in the NFL?


The reason, of course, is that Dungy is guilty of being a Christian conservative and one who is not ashamed to broadcast his pro-life, pro-family views openly. For that, he must be canceled by so-called “tolerant” types like Zirin and Olbermann.

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