Tony Dungy Questions 'Pro-Choice' Pastor & GA Senate Candidate Warnock's Faith in Powerful Twitter Thread: 'Is He a Christian?'

Tony Dungy Questions 'Pro-Choice' Pastor & GA Senate Candidate Warnock's Faith in Powerful Twitter Thread: 'Is He a Christian?'
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In an obvious effort to make sure that none of his fellow-liberal brethren are confused, Rev. Raphael Warnock — the Georgia Democrat who faces Republican Kelly Loeffler in one of the Peach State’s two Senate runoff elections on January 5 — tweeted: “I am a pro-choice pastor.”

Of course, everyone on the planet is fully aware that “pro-choice” is the Left’s code word for “pro-abortion,” despite their lies to the contrary. Or as Joe Biden calls abortion, an “essential health care service.”

Enter, former NFL head coach Dungy, a devout Christian who knows a thing or two about the Bible.

Same Tony Dungy, by the way, who in July took CNN’s Don Lemon out behind the Christian woodshed for “admitting” that “Jesus Christ was not perfect here on earth.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Lemon but just who ‘admitted’ that Jesus Christ was not perfect here on earth? Not anyone who believes the Bible. Not anyone who trusts in Jesus as their savior. I’m not sure the point you’re making but your premise is dead wrong. That was the point in Jesus coming!”

Ouch. I bet that left a mark. Nah, I’m sure the ever-smug Lemon was unphased.

You see where this is headed, right?

So Tony, after seeing a man of the cloth declare himself to be pro-choice, had a few questions, principally, “Is he a Christian?” — along with a few observations (education).

“Rev Warner [sic] may be a pastor. My question would be “Is he a Christian?” That is, does he follow the teachings of Jesus and does he believe that the Bible is the absolute word of God?”

Before we go any further, Warnock was “unavailable for comment” throughout the thread, as one might expect.

In a since-deleted tweet, “Bobby Niiro” challenged Dungy on the definition of “Christian.”

“A Christian is someone who dedicates their life to the service of the poor, the sick, and the marginalized. Someone who lives without judgement [sic] or lies. This applies to about 0% of conservative “Christians”.”

See what he did there? And the notion that liberals are “without judgment” is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Nonetheless, Dungy stuck to the topic at hand.

“A Christian is someone who believes Jesus is the son of God and that He died on the cross for our sins. They follow God’s teachings and use the word of God to make all their decisions. I don’t know how many people in the world that applies to but there are many.”

Point: Dungy.

Meanwhile, “starr child,” who describes herself as a “Midwestern gal who love sports” decided to enter the fray.

“When abortion was illegal they still happened in back allies or worse. Many mothers and babies died. Adult women aren’t the only ones who become pregnant. Also remember pro choice doesn’t mean pro abortion. I simply feel a women; all women should choose what happens to their body

Yes, “pro-choice” means “pro-abortion”; it was specifically adopted because it sounds more “positive” than “pro-abortion.”

Dungy kindly obliged “starr” with a Bible lesson.

“Please read Psalm 139:13-16. Then tell me if you think God puts babies in the womb or man does? If you believe they randomly get there then I have no argument. But if you believe God puts them there, then how does anyone have a right to “choose” which ones survive?”

Excellent question.

“Box Car” decided to challenge Dungy’s Christian “logic.”

“That logic doesn’t follow, and neither does it follow that advocating for a right is an endorsement of a moral wrong; especially when working to create structures that support alternatives to an immoral choice.”

This “genius” is too “smart” for his own good. A “man of God” “advocating for a right” to abortion” is exactly an endorsement of that right. The rest of his comment was nothing more than faux-intellectual word salad.

Dungy was unphased.

“What if I was advocating for the right to kill someone who was already born? Would that be morally OK? Of course not. The only question in the debate is what we think of an unborn baby? Is it a life or is it not?”

Is this where I say “amen”?

Warnock is far from the only Democrat who wants to have it both ways — to wear his “faith” on his sleeve while advocating for abortion at the same time. As I mentioned at the top, one need look no further than Joe Biden, who calls himself a “devout Catholic” out of one side of his mouth while calling abortion “an essential health care service” out of the other.

And of course Nancy Pelosi reigns supreme — in my book, at least — as the “devout Catholic of devout Catholics.” Pelosi’s money shot came in 2013 when she said she views the protection of late-term abortion as “sacred ground.”

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