Joe Biden Set to Make Things Worse for John Fetterman

Pennsylvania’s Democratic nominee for Senate John Fetterman had a disastrous debate performance Tuesday night, as even many of his defenders conceded not long after his much-awaited onstage match-up with Republican nominee Mehmet Oz got started.


So with his campaign floundering and unable to lead in polls outside the MoE with less than two weeks to go before Election Day, and with control of the U.S. Senate hanging in the balance, what does Fetterman do?

He calls in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, that’s what:

Biden and Harris will head to Philadelphia to campaign together on Friday, a rare occurrence for the duo who typically don’t travel alongside one another.

With less than two weeks till Election Day, Biden and Harris are set to participate in a reception for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

“It’s always helpful to have the two leaders of the party out there in the final push,” one Democratic strategist said of the joint appearance. “Is it risky? Maybe. But it sends a powerful message in a really important race.”

Joel Payne, another Democratic strategist backed that sentiment: “There are a few things in politics that have more capital than the bully pulpit of the White House.”

Except in this case, Pennsylvania is a highly competitive state from a political standpoint, and is one of dozens where Biden’s approval ratings have been underwater for months.


Further, though Biden was born in Pennsylvania and has visited the state often during his time as president, boasting of what he’s allegedly done for union workers and how he supposedly “gets” the working class, the economy, inflation, and crime – all areas where Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats get low marks – remain top issues for all voters including those in Pennsylvania.

So though some “political experts” don’t see where a Biden visit could hurt Fetterman, I don’t see where it could help him electorally speaking outside of maybe helping him raise more campaign cash in the closing days of the campaign.

And let’s state for the record what should be another obvious point about why this isn’t such a good idea by the Fetterman campaign. Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have become known for non-sensical word salads that sometimes not even their supporters on the left and in the mainstream media can decipher to any meaningful degree.

So why would John Fetterman want to bring either of them in to speak on his behalf when between both Biden and Harris, rarely is a coherent word ever spoken? Because Fetterman is desperate, that’s why, desperate enough to (again) invite a guy whose ability and fitness to lead the nation is being questioned to campaign on behalf of another who is facing similar questions at a critical time in the race.


Doesn’t sound like a particularly smart move, but it does sound pretty par for the course for Fetterman’s team considering the lengths they’ve already shown they’ll go to in order to carry him over the finish line.

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