Biden Shows Just How Far Gone He Is With New Ron Burgundy Incident

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I have to confess, it is often hard to cover Joe Biden day after day with some of the crazy things he says, knowing that the country is in the hands of this man and knowing he is so frequently incoherent and unable to understand what’s going on around him. I sometimes think if he didn’t have a teleprompter or the notes to which he constantly refers even for simple things like writing a note of condolence on the death of Queen Elizabeth, he would end up just standing there, looking off into the sunset wondering what the powers that be want him to say.


Biden spoke on Monday about the student debt relief portal beta test that they conducted over the weekend for people who were applying for the bailout. Biden also attacked Republicans.

Now, let’s talk about who is against helping millions of hardworking middle-class Americans. Republican members of Congress and Republican governors are trying to do everything they can to deny this relief, even to their own constituents.

As soon as I announced my administration’s student debt plan, they started attacking it, saying all kinds of things. Their outrage is wrong and it’s hypocritical.

I will never apologize for helping working Americans and middle-class people as they recover from the pandemic, especially not the same Republicans who voted for a $2 trillion tax cut in the last administration — mainly benefitting the wealthiest Americans and the largest corporations — and didn’t pay for a penny of it and racked up a deficit.

I don’t want to hear from Republican officials again who heard — who had hundreds of thousands of dollars — even millions of dollars — in pandemic relief loans — the PPP loans — but who now attack the working- and middle-class Americans who are getting relief. And these are members of Congress who received those loans. They didn’t do anything wrong, but they qualified. They qualified for up to, in one case, $2 million.


Oh, my, let’s dissect all those lies. The reason that the Republicans have a problem with Biden is that he doesn’t have the power just to declare people’s debt bailed out. The PPP loans that went out to people had a lot of problems, including fraud, but they were approved by Congress, so they were legal, unlike Biden’s move with student debt relief.

Another problem that Republicans and many other Americans have is that the money for the bailout doesn’t just come out of the air, it’s going to come from all the rest of us. So he has the nerve to claim that he’s helping the middle class when he’s actually going to lay the bill for it on them and the other Americans who aren’t getting this deal.

Biden is also lying through his teeth about the Trump tax cut which benefitted 80 percent of Americans, far more than the people who Biden is talking about with the student debt relief, and the tax cut was done legally.


Biden’s not doing this deal now out of the goodness of his heart, it’s a blatant attempt to buy votes to help the Democratic cause in the midterms. The ironic thing is, that the polls show it’s disturbed more Americans who now are less likely to vote for Democrats because of it.

However, Joe can’t do any remarks like this without being Joe. He confused Medicare for “Medicaid” during the remarks. But he went full-on Ron Burgundy when he was trying to warn people about potential scammers in relation to the student debt bailout. He said that people might get calls from people pretending to be from the government charging them and he said to hang up on them.

“You’re going to get calls, “If you do this, it’ll pay that. You can get relief,” ” Biden said. That’s when he leaned in to get closer to read off the huge teleprompter with big words they have to help him with his problem. But that didn’t help, he still couldn’t get it right. “That’s fraud. If you get any questionable calls, please tell us by going to ReportFraud — ReportFraud — d-o-t —,” he said. The website was and he was telling people to spell out “d-o-t” when trying to find the site, seemingly reading it off the teleprompter. I get that he’s almost 80 and he’s incoherent, but, talk about a facepalm. How is it possible this is the guy that is allegedly leading the nation when he’s so ignorant and incoherent?



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