Kamala Harris Causes ‘Inner Circle’ Nightmares After Latest Wacky Word Salad Springs Forth

Vice President Kamala Harris has become infamous in her decades as a public official for many things, some of which are not repeatable in family-friendly settings, and others so obvious that a five-year-old could pick up on it.


Among the mentionable and more notorious things that Harris has become synonymous with over her time in office as a state Attorney General, then Senator, then Veep are her word salads, among them one from May in which she proclaimed “When we talk about the children of the community, they are a children of the community.”

And during a White House-hosted climate summit that same month, Harris assured attendees that “We will work together, and will continue to work together, to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work…”

The newest word salad to spring forth from the woman who is rapidly becoming persona non-grata in certain Washington, D.C. circles happened during a Wednesday event billed as the “American Rescue Plan Workforce Development Summit,” which also featured Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, NC Gov. Roy Cooper and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, along with who the White House described as “leaders” from across the country including mayors, etc., all of who Harris was to urge “to invest American Rescue Plan funds to help more Americans secure good-paying jobs.”

During one portion of her speech where she talked about how it was critical for people to have transportation to get to work, Harris managed to mangle her presentation by uttering the following comments:


“Together, we are expanding access to transportation. It seems like maybe it’s a small issue; it’s a big issue. You need to get to go and need to be able to get where you need to go to do the work and get home.”


Our sister site Townhall.com memorialized Harris’ latest ball of confusion in a tweet:

In response, some on Twitter opined that it was incredible that those in Harris’ “inner circle” had not tried to remedy her penchant for cringeworthy, seemingly off-script moments. But my thought is that believing no one has stepped in to try to help her do better during public appearances is a rather large assumption to make.

Harris is well-known in political circles from California to D.C. for having extraordinarily high turnover on her staff and being hard to get along with, and the exits we’ve seen from key comms staffers over the last 8 months or so is a testament to that fact. Not only that, but former staffers have described her as not being interested in the details on anything. Rather, she prefers to go out in public and pretend she knows what she’s talking about and bask in the glory of the attention she gets. Yet when she’s caught flat footed, she blames the very staffers who tried to prepare her but who were rebuffed and chided in the process.


In my view, the likelihood here is that people on her staff have made attempts at getting her to be less prone to word salads. But Harris in her arrogance doesn’t want to listen. She continues to look foolish everytime she opens her mouth because she’s been a coddled politico for decades who rose to prominence in California early on in her career thanks to a strategic and open affair with a well-connected married man and who also has routinely been treated as the “next great thing” because she’s a woman and one of color at that.

As I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter what Kamala Harris does or has been assigned to take care of; she continually demonstrates that she’s just not very good at what she does. To reemphasize a point I and my colleagues here have previously made, this is what happens when one’s career starts off the way Harris’ did. You begin to expect to be given preferential treatment as you climb the ladder and be treated to fawning interviews in the press because of “who you are” and what you supposedly represent from “historical” and “woke” perspectives.

As it turns out, being the “first” whatever really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans to the average person, especially if you keep demonstrating that not only are you really, really bad at what you do (which Harris often does) but also that you’re about as genuine as a $3 bill.


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