HOT TAKES: Some Dems Admit The Obvious About Fetterman's Disability, Others Point and Scream 'Ableist!'

In terms of “WTF” moments, Tuesday night’s much-anticipated debate between Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman, candidates for US Senate from Pennsylvania, didn’t disappoint. Fetterman’s campaign and Democrats have been lowering expectations for Fetterman’s performance, and started the clean-up before the debate even occurred, as we reported earlier.


His performance was bad, even worse than anticipated. If you didn’t watch, Bonchie shared three moments that perfectly illustrate how terrible Fetterman’s performance was, and this clip is pretty emblematic.

There was also the time that Fetterman randomly yelled out, “Doug Mastriano!” and the multiple times he stared blankly ahead for probably five or six seconds while processing which pre-programmed answer he wanted to give, and the fact that he stumbled over his words in every single answer. Honest Democrats are admitting what a complete disaster Fetterman’s performance was, while others are attempting to deflect with, you guessed it, accusations of “ableism” or even likening Fetterman’s performance to that of Herschel Walker.

Olivia Nuzzi, Washington correspondent for New York magazine:


Nuzzi is correct, of course, but she is being skewered by progressives for not joining them in delusionland.

Joe Scarborough predicted that “many in the media” won’t talk about Fetterman’s impairment:

We’re not sure which Dem lawmaker Kraushaar spoke to, but it’s not difficult to believe this take:

Charlotte Alter, who’d drawn the short straw and performed the pre-debate cleanup referred to earlier, came out almost immediately after the debate ended and said it was worse than she expected.

But MSNBC columnist Liz Plank accused Republicans of having to “rely on ableism to win.”


And Sen. Bob Casey incredibly claimed that Fetterman’s “answers were very direct.”

And Chris Cuomo blamed the performance on a lack of preparation.

Then we have this gem from a Saturday Night Live writer – which really explains the lack of logic and humor in the tweet.

Fetterman’s spokesperson, sadly, promises that Gisele Fetterman’s abuse of her spouse is going to continue – and perhaps even escalate.


But, according to The Hill’s reporter covering the Senate, other Democrats might step in and save him.

As Bonchie said on Twitter, this debate is why early voting shouldn’t exist.


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