Dazed and Confused Joe Biden Campaigns With Dazed and Confused John Fetterman

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Joe Biden’s handlers let him out of the basement on Thursday, and things went about as well as you could expect. That is to say that things went terribly. As RedState reported earlier in the day, the president angrily belittled a reporter and even got physical during a press gaggle outside the White House. It was yet another moment showcasing Biden’s inability to control himself in public.


That performance was just the warm-up, though. Eventually, the president made it to Pennsylvania to hold a campaign event with Democrat John Fetterman, who has his own slew of problems. In one of the more telling moments of his “speech,” the president appeared to forget who he was even campaigning for. Here’s what that looked like.

There are two ways to look at this, and I’m not sure there’s a wrong answer. On the one hand, you could just chalk this up to Biden being senile, and you’d be on firm ground as we’ll see in the next two clips I’m going to share. On the other hand, I think this is a bit of the president “saying the quiet part out loud” when it comes to Fetterman’s cognitive decline following his massive stroke.

Over the last few months, John Fetterman’s wife, Gisele Fetterman, has taken a leading role in his campaign. She’s routinely described herself as the “brains of the operation,” while The Rolling Stone described her as the “de facto” candidate in the race. Some have gone so far as to suggest that Fetterman might resign and be replaced by his wife if he wins his race, though I’m not ready to go that far.


So while Biden probably just screwed this up because he’s Joe Biden, in calling Gisele Fetterman a “great lady in the senate,” he stumbled upon the reality that she is basically the candidate at this point. There’s a lot of Jill Biden in her.

See for yourself. Here she is refusing to let reporters talk to her husband at the campaign event with Biden. Also, in case you were wondering, Fetterman didn’t even speak at his own rally. Totally normal stuff on display.


Moving on to the promised senility, here’s that moment that happens in every Biden speech where you are just left scratching your head, having no idea what he’s talking about.

Umm…yeah. I don’t know, maybe someone else has some better context that explains everything? And can we talk about this thing where he holds a cheap, corded SM58 microphone in front of two other microphones? It just looks stupid and amateurish. Is it really that hard to remove the podium microphones before sending him out there to wander around?


But I digress, Biden also managed to get lost again, because that’s now a thing that he does nearly every time he’s in public. The president really needed some remedial training on how stages work.

You have to love the little perplexed twirl he gives. Really solid stuff for the guy that is leading the most powerful nation on earth. And I’m sure none of this emboldens our adversaries. But hey, at least there are only a few more weeks until much of Biden’s power is neutered by the election of a Republican Congress. I just keep holding onto that every time I see him in public.


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