Brian Kemp Tries for the Finishing Move as Stacey Abrams' Campaign Continues Its Freefall

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As we previously reported, Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams’ campaign has been in a freefall for weeks now, with Abrams’ support dropping among core Democrat voting blocs at a critical stage in the race and Gov. Brian Kemp maintaining a nice outside-the-margin-of-error advantage in most polls.


In addition to that, Abrams is seemingly at the “I don’t really give a crap what happens at this point” stage in openly declaring her abortion extremism to Peach State voters with just a few weeks to go before Election Day and staunchly defending her position on it when asked.

In the midst of the Stacey Abrams Express imploding, Kemp has been going for the jugular, by among other things highlighting how Abrams has put the needs of the “liberal elites in New York and California who are funding her campaign” ahead of the needs of Georgians over the four years since he defeated her.

But in an ad released Monday, the Kemp campaign went for the finishing move on Abrams, suggesting that his state is the “BEST” one to “live, work, and raise a family” because a majority of Georgians rejected Stacey Abrams the first time around, and in the process said “no to everything Stacey Abrams wanted.”



That one is going to cut to the quick for Abrams, considering her continued bitterness over her 2018 defeat and the election denialism she has repeatedly engaged in since that time, including several times over the last week alone.

As I’ve said before, Abrams – who was once floated as a possible vice presidential contender for Joe Biden but who was summarily rejected – has become an albatross for some of the same Democrats who once sought out her endorsement, including Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock, who she had to beg a month ago to campaign with her.

It’s been a steep, jarring fall for the woman who once could do no wrong in the eyes of her media/woke Democrat fanbase, and Abrams has only herself and her delusional claims of a “stolen election” – not to mention expressing interest in an even higher office than the Georgia governor’s mansion long before she declared her intentions the second time around – to blame. As Georgia voters appear to be making clear, they want someone who will concentrate on their state, not merely use it as a stepping stone for fame and fortune and something bigger down the road.


Abrams and Kemp are set to take the debate stage next Monday the 17th, and then after that on Sunday, October 30th. It will be interesting to see how it plays out in contrast to how the ones they did in 2018 played on the Georgia electorate considering everything that has happened since.

As always, stay tuned, and keep a nice supply of popcorn on hand for the fireworks.

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