Floundering Stacey Abrams Begs Raphael Warnock for Help as Tensions Rise Among Georgia Dems

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Though the race between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) and his Republican challenger Herschel Walker has been heating up in recent weeks, Democrat Stacey Abrams has not been able to recapture the supposed magic of her failed 2018 gubernatorial campaign against then-Sec. of State Brian Kemp, where the mainstream media and her fellow woke Democrats couldn’t crow enough about Abrams’ so-called “skills” at electrifying the Democratic vote.


Indeed, polling to date shows Abrams has lagged behind Kemp in every poll taken on their match-up save one:

That Abrams has not been able to gain any traction four years after she infamously refused to concede to Kemp and nearly two years after she was (wrongly) credited for helping Warnock and Jon Ossoff win their respective races – giving Joe Biden a razor thin Senate majority in the process – has Democrats mashing the Code Red button on her campaign with just two months left before voters take to the polls in the Peach State:

NEWNAN, Ga. — Georgia Democrats have grown increasingly pessimistic about Stacey Abrams’s chances of ousting Gov. Brian Kemp from office, pointing to her struggles to rally key parts of her party’s coalition and her inability to appeal to a slice of moderate Republican voters who can decide the state’s elections.

Public and private polls have consistently shown her trailing Mr. Kemp, a Republican seeking a second term. And, in a particularly worrying sign for Ms. Abrams, polls also show she is drawing less support than the other high-profile Democrat on the ballot, Senator Raphael Warnock, who is seeking a first full term.


Naturally, her supporters have trotted out the tiresome “sexism” card as one of the main reasons why her campaign and Warnock’s appear for the moment to be on different trajectories.

The tensions among Georgia Democrats over this race have risen to the point that Abrams has apparently taken to begging Warnock to campaign on her behalf after he played dodgeball when asked about her (bolded emphasis added):

Last week, Mr. Warnock demurred when asked by The New York Times during a news conference if he would campaign with Ms. Abrams, delivering the sort of practiced non-answer Democrats have been reciting when asked if they would welcome help from an unpopular President Biden.

“The pundits want to know who I’m campaigning for and who I’m campaigning with,” Mr. Warnock said. “I’m focused on my campaign.”

The next morning, Ms. Abrams announced she would join Mr. Warnock for a campaign stop that very afternoon.

“We need Stacey Abrams,” Mr. Warnock told supporters at the event, calling her “a visionary leader” and “my dear friend.”

Sounds like Abrams did some pleading with Warnock the night before that “endorsement” went down.

As I’ve noted before, Stacey Abrams has become an albatross for Democrats for many reasons.

Why? For starters, after all this time she’s still a proponent of the Democratic “big lie” about the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race, though after declaring her intentions to run in 2022 she lied about her previous stance. As recently as October 2021, she was revered by her fellow Dems for her claims that Kemp “stole” the election from her, but now that Democrats have become such election-year absolutists on questioning elections and refusing to accept the results, her history has come back to bite her — and them — as Republicans seek to call them out for their hypocrisy.


Abrams has also repeatedly sabotaged her state by falsely proclaiming that the 2021 election reforms bill was “Jim Crow 2.0” and aimed at suppressing the black vote. Her lies (and those of others including Joe Biden) about the bill ultimately led Major League Baseball to pull its All-Star game and along with it, the hundreds of millions in revenue that thousands of small business owners — many of them from minority communities — could have used after being hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

But as conservatives said of her “racism” claims about the bill at the time, she was full of it, and record early primary voting numbers out of Georgia back in May proved them right.

Crying “racism” and “voter suppression” over the years has done Stacey Abrams well at the bank, but not at the ballot box. Meanwhile, as noted above, when she threw her state under the bus over the election reforms bill, she hurt minority communities financially and then tried to run away from her remarks as the dust began clearing. Incredibly, she did it again with her disparaging comments about Georgia to Gwinnett County Democrats earlier this year, an especially astonishing move considering she owns at least two homes in the state.

With any luck, the 2022 gubernatorial election will be the last we hear from Stacey Abrams as far as running for public office goes because Georgia deserves so much better than someone who keeps loathing their state and sabotaging it all the way to the bank and MSNBC.


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