Brian Kemp Goes for the Jugular as Stacey Abrams' Campaign Continues Its Freefall

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We’ve previously detailed how the gubernatorial campaign of Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams is in a freefall thanks in part to some colossal blunders made by Abrams herself and also thanks to an environment where Democrats who once revered Abrams for refusing to concede to Kemp in 2018 have become absolutists on the issue of questioning elections and refusing to accept the results (except when it comes to some they want to question).


But one area where Abrams up until recently hadn’t faced much heat from her critics on the right during the course of her rematch with Kemp has been in her penchant for basking in the glory of the national limelight, something she’s repeatedly done over the four years since her loss to Kemp. She’s appeared on late night TV talk shows, national TV morning shows, been coddled interviewed and featured in major newspapers, and even at one point guest-starred on an episode of Star Trek as “President of United Earth”:

All of this leads to questions about just what Stacey Abrams’ priorities are: Georgia voters, or the rich out-of-state Democrats including those in Hollywood who have helped fund her campaign to the tune of millions of dollars?

In a new ad titled “Celebrity Stacey,” Kemp’s campaign hammers the point home about how Abrams seems more comfortable in the national spotlight clinking glasses with “liberal elites” and pushing their far-left agenda while contemplating higher offices rather than working on behalf of her fellow Georgians in her own backyard:


Kemp also hit Abrams on the Star Trek cameo:

While the latter attack is a bit on the cheesy side, the video should be very effective in my opinion, especially when you consider that President Biden is increasingly being seen as out of touch with average voters according to recent polls. Abrams former status as a media darling clearly isn’t doing her any favors either, as she’s been unable to recapture the supposed “magic” of her 2018 campaign against Kemp.

Anything can change, and time will tell, of course, but the way things look as of this writing Kemp is in a good position to resoundingly defeat Abrams to the point that no one, not even her most passionate defenders, will question the results of the election.


At this point even Abrams appears to see the writing on the wall, which may explain why she’s tacked even further to the left on hot button issues like abortion. Because if she fails the second time around at trying to become Georgia’s governor, she’s going to need something else to fall back on. What better time to lay the groundwork for a gig on MSNBC or a role in the Biden administration than now?

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