Chuck Todd Delivers Hall of Shame-Worthy Reason for Joe Biden’s Low Approval Ratings

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As we’ve noted before, the writing has been on the wall for D.C. Democrats for quite some time now as Joe Biden’s poll numbers continue to tank, Kamala Harris’s woes get worse, and the Democrat infighting on Capitol Hill rages on with no end in sight.


Voter concerns are sitting squarely on uncertainties about the U.S. economy on issues like worsening inflation, the continued supply chain crisis, and the gloomy jobs outlook.

But you wouldn’t know that by listening to “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd who for the umpteenth week is still searching for ways to blame anything and anyone else but Joe Biden for the problems brought on by Joe Biden.

The latest instance comes from a segment Todd did yesterday with several mostly sympathetic panelists in which Todd pointed to the ongoing COVID outbreak and former President Donald Trump, suggesting Biden not being able to deliver on his two “big promises” related to both were “not his fault”:

“Kimberly, it seems as if there’s nothing the White House can do to improve their political standing these days. It does feel like every week there’s another poll and it’s a new bottom, it’s a new this. And some of it is out of their control. Mark Murray and I were having a discussion. His two big promises were to get Covid behind us and to get rid of Donald Trump. Covid’s not behind us and Donald Trump’s still lurking. It’s not his fault, but is that why we’re in this no-man’s land here for him?”

Kimberly Atkins Stohr, a former reporter for Boston-based public radio station WBUR who is now a senior opinion writer for the Boston Globe, enthusiastically agreed that most of this was on Trump and not Biden:


“It’s a convergence of a lot of things. You have this pandemic that we can’t get behind. You still have people who are struggling economically. Joe Biden also campaigned on a big, broad agenda of protecting civil rights and getting people – helping to get people back on their feet after this, these big, broad packages. But even after these packages have passed, there is still this constant threat to democracy that we keep talking about. The Democrats have failed to pass any measure to protect and bolster up our election system. So, that has people uneasy. Is it all Joe Biden’s fault? Of course not. Most of it isn’t.”

Later, Todd also seemed to blame Biden’s alleged lack of a “devoted political base” in part for some of his polling woes:

“And it struck me, I think he’s the first president since H.W. Bush to not have a devoted political base. And that is hurting him right now, which is why his numbers don’t have a higher floor than, say, Barack Obama did or Donald Trump did.”



I think it’s safe to say that Todd really took the White House’s colluding with the media to spin the economy in a more positive light to heart, although Todd was doing this long before it became “cool” to do so.

Todd and the rest of the MSM, the Biden White House, and rank and file Democrats in the House and Senate can spin like tops all they want, but blaming Trump at this stage in the game is not going to go over well with voters, most of who have moved beyond the Trump years and are focused on judging the Biden administration based on their own record.

In other words, as far as the media goes, blaming Trump for Biden’s problems is more of a self-serving thing at this point. It sounds good at least in their view but holds little to no sway in the minds of most voters, many of who likely remember that things were actually turning around last year before Biden took office.

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