The Latest Inflation Numbers Show Why the White House Has Been Spinning Like Crazy This Week

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Earlier in the week, news broke that the White House had been colluding with mainstream media outlets in order to change the narrative surrounding Joe Biden’s fledgling economy. That collusion quickly produced results, with outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC complaining that the administration was being treated unfairly.


To cap things off, by the end of the week, Ron Klain had given a presentation in which he insisted we are in the midst of one of the greatest economic recoveries in history. Of course, he left out all the context involving forced lockdowns and the government’s role in causing the economic crisis. Pretty soon, “Biden Boom” was trending on social media. Here’s a handy meme to illustrate the absurdity of his claims.

The rush to change the narrative was obviously part of a broader plan, and when I commented on The Wall Street Journal’s latest poll, I noted that the coming inflation report was rumored to be disastrous. Well, today that disaster arrived, and the reason for all that collusion with the media has been laid bare.

Inflation hit 6.8% for November, which is the worst mark since 1982 when the country was still recovering from the Jimmy Carter years.


There’s no way to spin how bad that is; it’s awful news for the American middle-class (i.e. those who aren’t rich but who also aren’t getting inflation-adjusted government payments). The excuses surrounding the inflation crisis aren’t holding up anymore either. Democrats can no longer claim it’s just used car prices. Instead, prices are skyrocketing on some of the most commonly used commodities and products by normal families.

If you’ve noticed you can’t get a ribeye for what you used to, it’s not your imagination. Chicken, fish, and pork are also up by significant amounts. Then there are gas and utility prices, which probably present the single biggest impact on consumers. People have to have gas to get to work. They have to have electricity to power their homes. Fantasy talk about electric cars and congress-critters dancing on the Capitol steps don’t put food on the table.


By the way, hotel and used car prices matter as well. It’s the holiday season. Lots of people need to be able to go visit their families and they can’t because the prices to do so are so outrageous.

No amount of “greatest recovery ever” talk is changing the reality of what this country is going through, and much of it can be attributed to the failing, nonsensical policies of the current president. He owns this, and while his handlers can try to cover things up, very few people are buying what the administration is selling these days.


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