Republican Senator Shuts Down Chuck Todd Again on False Equivalency Between Vaccine Mandate and 'Abortion Rights'

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I wrote last Sunday on how “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd got soundly schooled by Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) regarding the lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court on a pro-life bill passed in 2018 and signed into law by then-Gov. Phil Bryant effectively banning abortions after 15 weeks that did not go into effect due to legal challenges.


The two sparred over whether or not it was inconsistent to be against vaccine mandates while being pro-life, as well as Todd’s position that “a vaccine mandate is a pro-life position.” Reeves shut him down by pointing out two things, first citing President Biden’s senior medical adviser Dr. Fauci being on the show earlier:

But even if you listen to Dr. Fauci’s interview with you earlier today, he made it very clear that the vaccine may not keep you from getting the virus.

… and then noting that abortion does only one thing: kills unborn babies, and that there was no vaccine for that:

But since Roe was enacted, 62 million American babies have been aborted, and therefore have been killed.

Sadly, Todd was at it again this week, this time with Republican Sen. Mike Braun (Ind.). The two were discussing Braun’s opposition to Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate, something Dem. Senator Joe Manchin (W.Va.) also came out recently as strongly opposing.

The longtime NBC News “journalist,” a Democrat apologist in the media if there ever was one, point-blank admitted he did not invite Braun on the show to talk about anything other than the vaccine mandate but would use the opportunity to again try to make the false equivalency between the vaccine mandate and being pro-choice.


Braun wasn’t having it, pointing out that a vaccine mandate causes people to lose their jobs (unlike getting an abortion) and also noting that in the scheme of things, so-called “abortion rights” should be left up to the states.

“What about the liberty of the woman who doesn’t want to carry a pregnancy to term?” Todd asked. “Why should the government force that? You don’t want the government to force people to get a vaccine. You’re essentially advocating for the government to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term that she may not want to do.”

“You might try to create that as an issue of equivalency, I don’t,” Braun responded, before adding later that “Here, I’m saying on the abortion issue, take it back to the states where I think the Constitution intended it to be.”



Todd then moved on at that point by trying to paint vaccine skeptics as not caring about public health because of course, he did, again leaving out the fact that even people who have gotten fully vaccinated can still catch and spread the coronavirus.

Clearly, Chuck Todd’s feelings don’t care about the facts. But as Ben Shapiro once said, facts don’t care about your feelings. They are what they are.

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