Texts Reveal CNN’s Chris Cuomo Told a Whopper to Viewers About Depth of Role Advising Brother Andrew

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New York State Attorney General Tish James has been slowly dropping information from the blockbuster investigation her team did over the summer regarding the multiple sexual harassment allegations against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), and just today, her office released a new batch of transcripts, texts, and emails that revealed the extent longtime CNN anchor Chris Cuomo advised his older brother as the scandal unfolded.


The documents reveal that both Chris Cuomo and CNN were dishonest with viewers and readers about the depth of his involvement in crafting an expansive and targeted response strategy to the allegations.

If you’ll recall, CNN glossed over Chris Cuomo’s role by trying to make it sound like he was simply involved in a brotherly capacity. They downplayed it to the extent that it gave them the wiggle room they wanted to justify keeping him on the network. While seemingly appearing contrite, Chris Cuomo himself suggested in May when the news first broke that he was merely “looped into” some strategy calls, insinuating he never took an aggressive role in trying to combat the negative news stories.

Well, he did take on a major role in being involved in pushing back on the allegations, including being on the lookout for potential future damaging stories on his brother, monitoring stories he knew were coming, and advising the governor’s office as to what he knew while also helping draft a formal statement. Here are some of the highlights:


“The wedding girl” Chris Cuomo was referring to in the below tweet was Anna Ruch, who alleged earlier this year that then-Gov. Cuomo tried to kiss her at a 2019 wedding:

Not that the depth of Chris Cuomo’s depravity when it came to covering for his brother throughout the coronavirus outbreak was not previously known, but this just adds a whole new greasy layer to it, regardless of his impassioned protestations to the contrary.

His “coverage” of Andrew Cuomo 18 months ago, which involved cutesy jokes about the size of his elder brother’s nose and oversized cotton swab props being brought on set, was a dereliction of duty in the extreme and came at the height of the pandemic in New York state, which saw 57,000 die, including tens of thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes and assisted living facilities as a result of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s multiple failures at trying to manage the crisis.

If he had any shame or respect for himself, his family, and his colleagues at CNN at all, Chris Cuomo would resign in disgrace just like his brother did back in August. But as we’ve noted before, for CNN, anything “reported” there and any actions taken behind the scenes to “back it up” are considered acceptable and necessary as long as it covers for and/or portrays Democrats in the most flattering of lights – by Chris Cuomo’s own admission.


Though infuriating, none of this should be a big shock considering the fact that CNN is not a real news organization, a statement I hear really infuriates some of the egomaniacs on staff there like “The Lead” anchor Jake Tapper, which is another reason why the statement should be uttered as often as possible.

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