Chris Cuomo Blurts out Quiet Part About CNN's Election Coverage, Even Anderson Cooper Appears Unamused

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As I reported earlier, mainstream media reporters have been dropping quite a few hints over the last couple of weeks on what state-run TV could look like under a possible Biden-Harris administration.


To recap some examples, there was the CNN election week segment where anchor Jake Tapper and his colleagues Dana Bash and Abby Phillip gushed over the thought of Kamala Harris becoming the first woman of color vice president. They were so giddy over the prospect that they seemed to forget that it was Joe Biden who was actually at the top of the Democratic ticket.

There was also wannabe Biden spokesperson CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter practically salivating over the possibility of a “restoration of normal relations between the president and the press corps” after an interview with Biden campaign national press secretary T.J. Ducklo.

While pseudo-defenders of a free press like Stelter typically excuse the type of remarks above as being “taken out of context”, there was no mistaking what was meant by comments CNN “Prime Time” host Chris Cuomo made Monday during the switch-off from Anderson Cooper’s program to Cuomo’s.

Cuomo actually blurted out on live TV as the cameras rolled that CNN “do[es] the job based on who’s in power.”

I’m pulling what was said straight from CNN’s own transcripts so I can’t be accused of taking them out of context:

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: Now tonight, another seeming turn. [Senator Lankford] says he did “step in” with the GSA [General Services Administration] and talked to them on Friday over the Biden transition. He declined to say who he spoke with and what they had to say. The news continues right now. I want to hand it over Chris for “CUOMO PRIME TIME.” Chris?

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: State TV’s got some new competition, Anderson. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the narrative unfolds. You know for people like us, we do the job based on who’s in power but this is going to be very interesting.

You notice what Lankford said there. How the media, not this network is playing his words which were he would get involved. Now he isn’t and we know why, he has no good reason. Thank you, my brother, for bringing it to light. I am Chris Cuomo and welcome to PRIME TIME.


Watch Cooper’s face as Cuomo concedes CNN’s liberal bias. His mouth thinned and he looked uncomfortable, almost as though he couldn’t wait for the segment to end:

If there was any question before as to whether or not CNN and other liberally biased news outlets would at least wait on pivoting to being complete and total lapdogs for Biden and Harris until after all the legal challenges played out and recounts done, there shouldn’t be anymore. Prominent figures in the media are way beyond giving us mere previews at this point and are now telling us straight up how it will be in the event Biden and Harris are certified the winners of the presidential election next month.

It’s rare we get such blatant admissions, but this is Chris “I’ll f**king throw you down the stairs like a f**king punk” Cuomo we’re talking about here, so even though he is indeed a tool we’re not exactly talking about the sharpest tool in the shed – if you catch my drift.

If there was ever going to be an open admission from anyone on the network about their slanted coverage, it was going to be from him. He just can’t help himself. Media critics like me knew one day that Cuomo’s mouth was eventually going to overload his circuit during his program where he’d say something out loud The Powers That Be wouldn’t want him to, something that would give CNN’s whole game away.


That day was yesterday.

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