Embarrassing: Chris Cuomo Yucks It Up With Andrew Cuomo While New Questions Are Raised About NY Nursing Home Deaths

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This combination photo shows CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo at the WarnerMedia Upfront in New York on May 15, 2019, left, and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaking during a news conference in New York on March 23, 2020. The love, drama and comedy of New York’s Cuomo brothers is enlivening coronavirus television. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s briefings on how his state is responding to the crisis are featured on cable television nearly every day, a mixture of statistics, advice and political advocacy. Younger brother Chris, on CNN each night, is letting viewers experience with him the reality of going through the disease. He tested positive and has done his show this week remotely from his basement. (AP Photo)

Have you wondered what a conflict of interest and what a violation of journalistic ethics it is, that for weeks now, CNN’s Chris Cuomo has been interviewing his older brother New York Governor Andrew Cuomo?

Apparently, neither CNN or Chris Cuomo aren’t terribly concerned about the ethics of it all.

Here’s Cuomo in 2013 saying how he wouldn’t interview his brother if it involved anything that could be a “conflict” or something in his political career that raised a question.

Yet he’s been interviewing him for weeks about his response in New York to the Wuhan coronavirus. Has he asked him once about the order in New York requiring nursing homes to accept people who’ve tested positive for the virus? And how there are now thousands dead in the nursing homes? There were 3500 reported deaths from the virus in nursing homes last week and now 1700 more have been added this week.

But today, he did get to the important questions. He pumped up how the media has been praising the governor, going on “Ellen” or “on the cover of Rolling Stone.” Because, bizarrely, in the mind of the media, the man who has the most number of virus deaths in his state, perhaps directly attributable to the actions of his own administration in regard to the nursing homes, that’s the guy they’re lauding as a hero or “presidential” material. It’s upside down land. Chris of course played that up. No conflict there, right?


This is embarrassing, to say the least.

Imagine what the media would have done if President Donald Trump had said something like this. Cuomos yucking it up with saying “You’re feeling pretty good about yourself,” with over 25,000 deaths in New York. Priorities.


We all know if it had in fact been Trump or any other Republican, CNN would have run a chyron with the number of nursing home deaths at the bottom, rebutting him as he spoke with a CNN host intoning how the politician in question was not taking the deaths seriously.

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