CNN Responds to Chris Cuomo's Latest Scandal and It's Something

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo may claim to be a journalist, but anyone who has watched even two minutes of his show knows he’s a rabid partisan. That has extended to his treatment of his brother, Andrew Cuomo. Who can forget their on-air tickle-fights as New York suffered through one of the worst responses to the coronavirus in the country? Apparently, the media malpractice went a lot deeper, though.


When Andrew Cuomo was accused by many different women of sexual harassment (and at least in one case, sexual assault), Chris Cuomo was advising the governor behind the scenes while blacking out coverage of the scandal on his show. Further, Chris Cuomo is also wrapped up in a scandal involving under-the-table vaccinations given well before the vaccine was publicly available.

CNN has now responded and it’s something.

No discipline is forthcoming despite Chris Cuomo clearly breaking every ethical rule in the book in regards to media and family members.

Even past the questions of whether Chris Cuomo should have been involved with his brother’s sexual harassment issues as an ethical matter, the advice given should also draw scrutiny. Chris Cuomo told his brother to hunker down and blame “cancel culture,” as if current allegations are analogous to digging up someone’s old tweets to get them fired. Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo has treated all allegations against Republicans as monumental and unquestionable. The hypocrisy is apparent.


Meanwhile, where’s CNN’s potato squad, i.e. their media watchdogs, to denounce this kind of behavior and suggest retribution? If this happened at Fox News, Brian Stelter would be tweeting incessantly about it before making it the top story in his newsletter. Where are the tough questions about why CNN allowed this and isn’t doing anything in response? Remember, these are guys that swear they exist to cover the media, including media malfeasance. Yet, they are avoiding the cardinal issue. Weird, right?

CNN is not a news network, and if they ever truly were, they haven’t been in a very long time. Their lineup is full of partisans who allow their personal biases to dominate their coverage. That they’d handwave away this major ethics scandal involving one of their top (but low-rated compared to his competition) hosts is par for the course.


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