The Danchenko Indictment Shows the FBI Knew the Steele Dossier Was a Lie and Probably Russian Influenced Since 2017

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A little while ago, news broke that federal agents operating under the direction of Russia Hoax special counsel John Durham arrested Brooking Institue employee Igor Danchenko (read BOMBSHELL: Man at Center of the Steele Dossier Arrested as Incredibly Based Week Continues). Danchenko, you’ll recall, was the central figure; indeed, one might call him the “pivot man,” in the Russia Hoax slow-motion coup attempt against President Trump. As an aside, If you want to understand how big a deal this is, search this WaPo story for the name of his employer. Brookings Institute was up to its unibrow in this fake scandal via its “LawFareBlog” project and the scurrilous bullsh** pushed out by the principal personages employed there.


Danchenko is not some “Virginia-based researcher.” On the contrary, he’s a fairly prominent figure in Brookings’ Russia analysis and works with big-name Democrat apparatchiks. For instance, check the co-authors in this article.

During the course of the truth trickling out, it was revealed that most of the information was the work product of a single “sub-source” who seems to have provided it to numerous other “sources.” This deliberate act of obfuscation gave the impression that the Steel Dossier was the result of a lot of intelligence sources rather than one guy in DC…who might have been on Vladimir Putin’s payroll; see Jim Comey Fought to Include a Russian Spy’s Disinformation in the Report on Russian Election Interference.

Now the indictment that has been filed against Danchenko is out.

Danchenko Indictment on Scribd

Here are some highlights.

The Clinton campaign suspected Danchenko was a Russian asset but used him to start the ball rolling AND they promised him a job in the State Department if Hillary was elected.


John Bolton BFF, Fiona Hill, was pivotal in introducing Danchenko to Christopher Steele and the Democrats. Hill also works at Brookings as a “Russia specialist” and was inexplicably retained in the Trump National Security Council, leaving just before the impeachment brouhaha.

The FBI knew in 2017 that Danchenko was the primary source for the dossier and they knew he’d lied to them in an interview. Yet they ran with the allegations and did nothing about the lying.

Sergei Millian was telling the truth about his lack of involvement in the Russia Hoax.


Steele’s other sources were as fake as Danchenko.

Mueller steered away from the Steele Dossier in his investigation for a very good reason. Danchenko had been pegged as a Russian agent and he had lied to the FBI; see FBI Knew Russian Intelligence Was Monitoring and Probably Influencing Christopher Steele’s Dossier and Still Used It.

As smarter guys than me take this apart, it will become more and more obvious that the Steele Dossier was nothing less than an attempt by elements of the United States government to overthrow a lawfully elected president. It also seems as though the plot did not cease with the implosion of the Russia Hoax and the awarding of Pulitzer Prizes to the Washington Post and the New York Times for pushing that fraud into the national consciousness. Rather, the plot continued through the impeachment of President Trump over his call to the Ukrainian president.


We don’t need a Congressional investigation into January 6. We need one into the Deep State attack on Trump’s presidency.


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