MSNBC Manages to Smear Millions With Horrible Take on Supply Chain Crisis

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One of the underlying, long-term issues behind some of the supply chain issues is that the claim that there’s a shortage of truck drivers. The American Trucking Association said the trucking industry is short more than 80,000 drivers, which is one of the reasons for the delays across the country.


So, you would think if that’s an issue, you would want to do what you could to encourage more people to be involved in the industry. That would seem to be a logical response.

Yet, MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross, while professing to want to encourage more people of color to become drivers also smeared the industry as racist during a segment. Not to mention as bad drivers as well.

Trucking “is an industry populated by a lot of white men over the age of 55,” Cross said. “This group of people overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Some people have talked about, you know, aggressive truck drivers cutting them off or not being helpful.”

Cross just cobbles all that together — racism, support for Trump and being bad drivers. Talk about a stereotype falsely being used to indict an industry.

Is there anything that MSNBC will not try to make about either Trump or racism?

Cross is demeaning the very people that she relies on for her basic goods every day. How exactly is that encouraging anyone to want to be part of the industry? And they’re bad because they voted for Trump? So, more than 74 million people are bad in the eyes of MSNBC. And you wonder why their ratings are in the basement?


Maybe she can feed this nonsense to the liberals who watch MSNBC, but most Americans reject the racist division she’s pushing.

While there’s no doubt there are a high percentage of white men in the trucking industry, there are many people of all races, and women as well, something she fails to mention and perhaps doesn’t even know while she’s pitching stereotypes.

But even the poll that MSNBC put out seems to have a problem with percentages of races in the business.

Those percentages add up to more than 100 percent. MSNBC common core math? But if we take that percentage of black truck drivers, that’s already more than the percentage of black people in the population which is around 13 percent, so black people don’t seem underrepresented, although women certainly seem to be by that number.

Talk about a horrible media take on the supply chain crisis. We’ve had a few, including Bloomberg spinning as to why shortages are actually good for us. But they just have to keep spinning to deflect from the failures of Joe Biden and his inability to do anything to improve the situation. As we’ve noted, Biden claimed he was going to improve the problem with having the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach open 24/7. Not only haven’t they been open 24/7, but the backlog of ships has actually gotten worse — at last check, at the end of this past week, 110 ships were waiting.


So, here’s a thought for Cross and MSNBC. How about holding Joe Biden’s feet to the fire over this issue, rather than trying to blame everyone else? Of course they wouldn’t, but that just shows why they have no credibility.


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