BREAKING: Verdict Announced in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP

As RedState has reported over the last several weeks, the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse for murder, after he seemingly defended himself during the Kenosha riots, has had many twists and turns. At the beginning of the week, though, closing arguments were finally concluded and the search for a verdict commenced.


Deliberations in the trial went far longer than most predicted, but after more than 24 working hours by the jury, the verdict is finally in.

Kyle Rittenhouse has been found NOT GUILTY on all counts.

This case was seen as a milestone in how self-defense is handled in the country, with many suggesting that Rittenhouse being found guilty would result in a significant reduction in one’s right to defend themself. Multiple pieces of video evidence showed Rittenhouse being chased and beaten by rioters the night he fired his weapon. Yet, the prosecution argued that the teenager had provoked those he ultimately shot.

You can expect coming unrest given this verdict, though, hopefully, things won’t get violent. The media and many Americans were emotionally invested in Rittenhouse being found guilty, despite the obvious evidence showing he wasn’t. Hopefully, Kenosha law enforcement is prepared for what may come.

There’s a ton more to analyze here, and RedState will have many more pieces today discussing the result, so stay tuned.


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