Indiana School Administrator Blows Lid off Deceptive Tactics Behind Push for CRT in Classrooms

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Failed Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe became the poster boy of sorts in America over the last couple of months for insisting that Critical Race Theory was not being taught in public school classrooms in the state, calling it a “racist dog whistle” and insinuating the parents who were lobbying against it at school board meetings were “racists.”


Concerned parents in the state knew his claims weren’t true, and got a big boost after the nation’s leading CRT critic Christopher Rufo confirmed it was being implemented in Virginia public schools in a lengthy Twitter thread last week debunking McAuliffe’s repeated lies – lies that were aided and abetted by some in the mainstream media, including NBC News “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd.

Debates like these are playing out at school board meetings across the country, including in Indiana, where we’ve seen parents of all colors rip into school boards over the insulting suggestion that white kids be taught that they are oppressors and black kids be taught that they are perpetual victims of their white classmates.

But while Democrats far and wide continue to state that CRT is not being taught in any public school classrooms, some in the education system are speaking out, including Tony Kinnett, whose LinkedIn profile lists him as a “District Science Coordinator & Instructional Coach at Indianapolis Public Schools.”

Kinnett, who says he “writes the science curriculum for over 30,000 students,” took to the Twitter machine earlier today and posted a short video explaining that yes, CRT was being taught in the public school system there, but not under the official banner of “CRT.” In other words, the typical deceptive word games are being played by leftist educators in the state in an attempt to assure concerned parents that schools there are not doing what they are, in fact, doing – just under different wording so parents won’t actually realize it’s CRT:


Next, Kinnett – who is also the founder of “The Chalkboard Review,” a “education commentary” website that says it “features a diverse range of voices on all things education” – brought the receipts:

Kinnett’s claims about the deceptive practices and word games Democrats are using to sneak CRT into classrooms is backed up by research Rufo and other CRT critics have done over the last year or so.

As I was writing this, I found out that Kinnett was scheduled to be on Tucker Carlson’s program tonight, so make sure to tune in.


As I’ve said before, the media and Democrats desperately need Average Joes and Janes to believe that Critical Race Theory isn’t really a thing, isn’t really a threat to your children’s education and future. The growing opposition against the push to implement it in American classrooms, however, is a powerful signal to the Usual Suspects that the people they’re trying most to convince simply aren’t buying it – and for good reason.

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