MUST WATCH: Loudoun County Parent Rips School Board to Shreds Over Critical Race Theory

Loudon County school board meeting. screenshot from public video

I try not to use too many adjectives or hyperbolic phrases like “smashes” or “pummels” or “sweeps the leg” or “rips to shreds” in my headlines. Other people here do that much better and with much more flourish, but today I could not resist.


After watching a video of a Virginia parent tearing into her local school board over the incursion of Critical Race Theory (CRT) into their curriculum, it seems the only logical descriptor to use for what happened is “shreds,” because this woman does just that. She shreds her school board into little, tiny pieces and then pours gasoline on the remains and lights them on fire and then sweeps up the ashes before boarding a sea-faring vessel to parts unknown where she scatters the final vestiges to the winds to be ultimately consumed by the depths of a savage ocean.

It was pretty great.

As it turns out, the woman in the video is a member of a Loudoun County women’s Republican group that is leading an effort to recall almost the entire school board over a number of egregious issues, including CRT curriculum, COVID restrictions and a shady incident involving the school board trying to uncover the names and addresses of parents who oppose the CRT curriculum in order to intimidate them.

America needs to take this type of passion and figure out a way to multiply it 300 million fold. Please watch this woman and be inspired. Please check out the story of Loudoun County parents and know that what they’re doing can be replicated across the nation with the help of just a few good Americans…Americans like you. Don’t give in to defeatism. There aren’t many pockets in this nation that actually have a responsive and responsible school board. Let the Loudoun County parents spark a national movement. Turn over every irresponsible school board you can. Imagine how just that wave alone would change the direction of public education in this country.


It’s not too late. Be this woman. And when you see this woman, thank her for doing what too many Americans have already decided isn’t worth doing…standing up.


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