Washington Post Hits Critical Desperation Levels in Latest Failed Attack on Ron DeSantis

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The mainstream media’s war on Gov. Ron DeSantis continues apace the closer we get to the 2022 midterms and after that the start of the 2024 presidential election campaign cycle.


The latest effort comes from a Washington Post piece that featured the perspective of a 17-year-old Princeton University student who, in the WaPo’s words, was “challenging” Gov. DeSantis’ staunch opposition to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Florida’s public school classrooms.

Before they got to what Princeton student Uma Menon wrote, the paper made sure to downplay the extent to which CRT is taught as if to suggest the issue is overblown (it’s not):

Critical race theory (CRT) is an academic framework for looking at systemic racism. Though states are banning it from being taught in schools, most teachers don’t use the term when discussing racism and don’t require students read the work scholars who use that framework.

Menon attended public schools in Florida and graduated in 2020. Not surprisingly, one of her senior year teachers taught the New York Times’ discredited 1619 Project, which should tell you where we’re headed.

Early on in the piece, Menon suggested that DeSantis’ ban on CRT marked “another step taken by conservatives to politicize racial justice,” apparently not realizing that it was the left, not the right, who made the concept of “racial justice” political in the first place.

She then claimed that “never once did I hear the phrase ‘critical race theory’ in any of my classrooms.” This made sense, she alleged, “given that public school districts in Lake, Marion, Osceola, Seminole, and Orange counties have stated that critical race theory has never been a part of their curriculum.”


For starters, just because someone “stated” something doesn’t automatically make it true. Secondly, CRT comes in many forms, including in the form of teaching about the 1619 Project, and they don’t have to be explicitly labeled as “Critical Race Theory” for us to know that that the concepts are very similar.

Critical Race Theory proponents, like most leftists, are very adept at playing semantical word games, which is why we’re now seeing codewords like “diversity, equity, and inclusion training” and “anti-racism initiative” in place of the words “Critical Race Theory.”

“For DeSantis and Florida Republicans,” Menon continued, “critical race theory has become a scapegoat: a buzzword singled out for attack when politicians want to hide their opposition to racial justice.”

This is just ignorant and stupid, and heavily relies on the differing interpretations of what “racial justice” means. If “racial justice” is supposed to mean teaching black Americans to believe they are all victims and to view white Americans as their oppressors simply because they were born white, then yes, DeSantis and other conservative Republican leaders oppose “racial justice” and are right to do so.

“What the [Florida] school board aims to do by banning educational materials like the New York Times’ Pulitzer-Prize winning 1619 Project…is to deny and downplay the historical oppression that minorities have faced in America,” Menon falsely claimed. “This ban doesn’t prevent factual inaccuracies; instead, it hides facts that are inconvenient to Florida conservatives.”


Last I checked, slavery, the Civil War, the century+ fight for civil rights were all still being taught by Florida’s (and Texas‘) public schools, so no, there is no “downplaying” any historical oppression. This is a lie that CRT proponents repeat often but are never called out on by the Usual Suspects.

In what may have been the most laughable of claims made in the piece, she wrote that “The truth is that anti-racism education teaches children to love each other and imagine a better future where racist political agendas won’t win out.”

In actuality, the opposite is true. As DeSantis and other prominent critics of CRT have observed, CRT teaches white students to hate themselves for being born that way, perpetuating the “white guilt complex” liberals have lived by and with for decades. In addition to that, it teaches black students that racism is hidden everywhere, which further fosters feelings of resentment and leads to a victimhood mentality that is very difficult to break until you realize the “racism is everywhere” claim simply isn’t true.


I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made.

I’ll no doubt be accused of “attacking a teenager” simply for countering the WaPo’s hit piece on DeSantis, but so be it. As Ben Shapiro once infamously said, “facts don’t care about your feelings,” and we definitely shouldn’t let the possibility of hurt feelings get in the way of telling the truth and correcting the record where necessary, especially when it comes to matters involving the education of impressionable children.

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