McAuliffe HQ Smashes Code Red Buzzer as Reporter Notes Strange Things About Campaign Rallies

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The hits just keep on coming for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe and honestly, they could not be happening to a more deserving guy, particularly at this stage of the race where mud is all but literally being thrown at the wall in hopes that some of it will stick to Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin.


The latest example comes courtesy of CNN of all places. Before we get to it, we should make clear we’re well aware that standard operating procedure at the Biden apologist network is to carry water for Democrats, especially in critical election races where they’re struggling to stay afloat. The Virginia gubernatorial battle is no exception, as our own Nick Arama noted earlier in a report on how CNN’s resident pseudo-tough guy Chris Cuomo tried to help the sexual predator enablers at the Lincoln Project massage their disgusting (and admitted) “tiki torch” smear attempt on Youngkin.

During a Friday live segment on the state of the race, CNN reporter Dan Merica pointed out that it was somewhat odd with just days left in the campaign that McAuliffe’s rallies were so “sparsely attended,” with the usual caveats (bones) thrown in about how some of them had been in “rural” parts of the state. Further, he noted that even those who were attending the McAuliffe events didn’t seem to be too fired up at the rallies unless some of the big Democrat names (like former President Obama) were also there. Watch:


In the below mashup of clips and photos from McAuliffe rallies, we see that Merica appears to be right on the money in pointing out how the enthusiasm for McAuliffe just doesn’t seem to be there:

You know it’s getting bad and that the Code Red button is being mashed at McAuliffe HQ when even CNN files a negative report about a Democrat.

All of this lines up with the embarrassing fundraising email McAuliffe’s campaign sent a week ago noting they “thought folks would be fired up to get out the vote, but at this point, it seems like enthusiasm is at an all-time low.” The lack of enthusiasm could also have something to do in part with former Virginia Democrat Gov. Doug Wilder (who is black) unloading on McAuliffe over his pandering to black voters, something Wilder portrayed as wholly insincere and nakedly opportunistic.

In contrast, photos and videos seen on social media show Youngkin’s rallies down the homestretch are full of energetic crowds of people hungering for real change (the kind that makes the right kind of a difference) in the state of Virginia, something Terry McAuliffe won’t give them. Instead, McAuliffe would rather insult voters by insinuating they’re racists for expressing legitimate concerns about Critical Race Theory. An odd campaign tactic for sure from a seasoned political veteran and Clintonista like McAuliffe.


Perhaps that’s yet another reason for the lack of fire and passion at McAuliffe events.

As I’ve said before, it’s got to be enraging to an egomaniac like Terry McAuliffe that not only has his campaign collapsed mostly by his own hand but also that he has so far been unable to successfully use former President Trump’s support for Youngkin to paint him as a “racist,” try as often as he might. In fact, the only person Terry McAuliffe has hurt through this campaign has been Terry McAuliffe.

Meanwhile, Glenn Youngkin continues to mostly go it alone, not bringing in any GOP star power perhaps because he sees that what he’s been doing so far is working – selling himself and himself alone.

Tuesday cannot come soon enough. I absolutely cannot wait.

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