Eric Swalwell, Lincoln Project Play the Fools in Train Wreck of a Move in Virginia Governor’s Race

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As RedState reported earlier, it is now official that Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin has surged ahead in a big way over floundering Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe.


Per the latest Fox News poll, Youngkin is now up a remarkable eight points over McAuliffe among likely voters. The last Fox News poll on this battle, taken two and a half weeks ago, had McAuliffe up by five, so this is a huge shift in momentum to Youngkin. And for the first time in the race, Real Clear Politics shows Youngkin ahead in the polling averages to date.

On what issues do we see the biggest shift on, per the poll? The economy and education, the latter of which has become the major focal point of the race between the two over the last couple of months, accelerated by McAuliffe admitting during a late September debate that “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

McAuliffe has since doubled down on the catastrophic declaration, further compounding his woes, among them an admitted lack of enthusiasm among the Democrat faithful in the final weeks of the campaign, as well as a noticeable shift of independent voters from Democrats to Youngkin in the closing days.

So what’s a guy like McAuliffe do, when he knows he’s against the ropes a la Ivan Drago getting pounded by Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV? He summons the clowns, in the form of the Lincoln Project, a surprising move since the LP aren’t exactly known for trying to make behind-the-black-curtain moves against anyone who is over the age of 15.


As per the norm, the race card was trotted out with wild abandon in the new LP ad, with a generous tossing in of the words “Southern Strategy” to really try and frighten black voters, who a panicked McAuliffe really needs to show up on Election Day. On board to present the latest offering from the slimeball-defending outfit was Rep. Eric Swalwell, who never met a Chinese honey pot who he didn’t want to sell his country out to for the type of “comfort” disgraced Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver sought among underaged young men looking for their big break in politics:

Now if you watch the ad, there is literally NOTHING in it that would tie Glenn Youngkin to the Southern Strategy or modern racism. Nothing. You see a bunch of references to Youngkin talking about the dangers of CRT, which McAuliffe himself has declared a “racist dog whistle” — much in the same way he insinuates former President Trump’s support is a “signal” that supposed “racists” make up the bulk of Youngkin’s support base.


It’s all one big GIANT slap in the face to the black voters of Virginia, who like black voters in other parts of America are growing tired and are getting sick of such manipulative tactics used to scare people into voting for the Democrat. The same goes for Hispanic voters, to whom McAuliffe insultingly suggested during a recent campaign event should “get busy … fairly quickly” procreating so their babies could grow up and pledge allegiance to Democrats and give them their votes.

As I previously noted, I cannot think of a more despicable thing to say to/way to treat any group of minority voters, whether they be women, black, Hispanic, etc. I mean McAuliffe and his campaign surrogates (whether “officially” affiliated or not) are all but literally saying here that black and Hispanic voters can’t think independently and owe their votes to the Democratic party without question. It’s eerily reminiscent of then-Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden last year insulting black voters by telling them “you ain’t black” if you don’t support his campaign.

It’s a terrible look, an admission of the “quiet part out loud” about the Democratic party’s low opinion of the minority communities they claim to want to protect.

Remember, too, that former Virginia Dem governor Doug Wilder (who is black) absolutely unloaded on McAuliffe’s pandering towards black voters earlier this week, in a clear sign that there are members of the black community in Virginia who are fed up with being taken for granted.


Lastly, no post dunking on Swalwell would be complete without mentioning the, ahem, infamous “fart heard ’round the world” two years ago:

Also, Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson’s Confederate flag-themed cooler could not be reached for comment.

So let’s do the math here. A sellout to his country and defenders of a sick sexual predator are going to bat for “the education governor” Terry McAuliffe down the home stretch. If that’s not a sign of deep desperation from this cratering campaign, I don’t know what is.

As we’re fond of saying down here in the South: Bless his heart.

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